Holy Land Tour 41 - The River Jordan - by @teachernici

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The wonderful River Jordan



In this lower section of the River Jordan Two important events took place, Joshua divided the waters, allowing the Israelite's to cross into the promised land (Josh 3:13-17; 4:1-9, 20-24) and Jesus got baptized by John the Baptist. (Matt 3:1-6; 13-16) ()

My daughter being baptized in the River Jordan.


Naaman, a captain of the host of the King of Syria, was cured of leprosy by bathing in the River Jordan seven times after being told to do so by the messenger of the Prophet Elisha. (2 Kings 5 :1-15)


Our family swimming in the Upper Section of the River Jordan where the water is clean and refreshing.


Wonderful History lesson.

amazing picture and this historical story is very awesome. this posting is very nice. Dordan river is cute.

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