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The Search For The Robinson Crusoe's Cave

While on our escapades around the Caribbean Island of Tobago, we encountered something very peculiar and quite awesome. We were seeking out a famous cave (known as Robinson Crusoe's Cave) that is a popular tourist attraction on the island and we found ourselves on the southern coast. Most times when you visit somewhere on the island, there is little to not that many people there so we weren't expecting to find what we did at the time and it was a welcome surprise!



To get to the caves we had to trek down a perilously steep, weathered and haphazardly made concrete staircase, off of a a small cliff at the edge of the coast to get closer to the waters below. While making our way down, we could not help but marvel at the beautiful ocean waters that could be seen through large pillars of rock. Where the steps ended, there was no paved walkway, but literally sharp jagged rock! They could easily cut once we made our way down the stairs. Its definitely not an area for one who chose to wear flip flops!



As we made our way across the sharp rocks, towards the area of the cave, we noticed two men in diving suits on a rock much closer to the ocean in the distance. Nearby we could see scuba gear and some sort of fishing speargun or harpoon with floats and lines. Growing up in Trinidad, I've never in my life seen this type of fishing gear and wasn't sure what to make of it.


Being the adventurous lot that we were, we ended up going closer to get some shots and document the local customs. By the time we got within earshot and started a conversation, I got some shots of one of the men who seemed to be cleaning some of his catch right there. The other was preparing a long branch. My eyes caught a large mass that differentiated itself from the rock they were standing on by its colour and shiny texture, a large contrast to sharp and jagged.


It was this HUGE fish, the likes of which I have never seen! I'm not that much of a fisherman and I know tuna can get much bigger but damn! Here these guys were on a sharp dangerous rock diving around, fishing however they did and catching this large fish! Imagine the fight to reel that sucker in! They then proceeded to push the branch through the mouth and out the gills to easily carry the fish on both of their backs back through the rocky pathway and up the stairs. I could imagine their feeling as they hauled their booty away.



The cave was nothing compared to the marvel of the size of the fish! What great timing too as they were literally just preparing to leave as we arrived. I managed to ask them to get some shots of the huge fish with the other smaller fishes they caught for some sort of rudimentary scale. What an experience, it was literally something we've never seen before. I know I probably sound like a pleb to all you fisher folk out there but credit to where credit is due to these guys. Thanks for reading, Cheers!




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