Function of Faith to the Angels

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Faith in angels has functions, among others:

1. Adding Faith

Increasing his faith and belief in Allah SWT, that God not only created a real being (syahadah) but also created a (unseen) creature.

2. Be the Catcher

Giving encouragement to be truly a God-fearing person, because the righteous will be loved by Allah SWT .. Allah Almighty ordered the Angel Gabriel to love him (the person who is righteous) and the Angel Gabriel called on to the dwellers of the heavens (angels), then the sense of acceptance in the hearts of the inhabitants of the earth.

3. Always be thankful

Encourage humans to accept sincerely for all the blessings that they receive and appreciate.

4. Having a steadfast, patient, and reasonable attitude (and commendable qualities)

Encourage people to be steadfast, patient, and mentally retarded in the face of obstacles or trials.

5. Ihsan

as if he were looking at him, and if he could not imagine seeing Him, then the man imagined that God saw his deeds. Faith-related ihsan behaviors to angels can be applied is to realize that every attitude and his deeds are always seen and recorded by the Angels Raqib and Atib.

6. Many Remembering Off

Encourages every Muslim to remember death and life after death in the grave and in the Hereafter, thus preparing supplies for life after death.

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