The function of Al-Qur'an in Islam

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The function of the Qur'an in the life of its names in the Al-Quran itself. Other names of Al-quran that show their own functions include:

1. Al-Huda (Hints)

In the Qur'an there are three Al-Qur'an positions whose function as a guide. The Qur'an becomes a guide for men in general, a guide for the righteous, and guidance for the believers. So the Qur'an is not only a clue to Muslims but to humans in general. The content of Al-quran does exist that are universal as it relates to science and it can be a guide for all people not only those who believe in Islam and pious only.

The guidance for the believer means for the one who has the Islamic faith in him that is to admit that Prophet Muhammad is the messenger of God and God is the only God of the Universe. As for the cautious person means for those who actually keep God's commandments and stay away from his prohibitions. Several times in the Qur'an are written about to whom the verse or a command is addressed, whether for the believers or for the pious.

2. Al-Furqon (Separator)

Another name of Al-quran is Al-Furqon or separator. It deals with the function of the Qur'an as the Miracle of the Qur'an in other Worlds that can be the separator between the right and the vanity, or between right and wrong. In the Qur'an is described various things that belong to the category of wrong and right or the right and the vanity.


3. Al-Asyifa (Medicine)

In the Qur'an the Miracle of the Qur'an in the Real World mentioned that Al-Quran is a cure for the disease that is in the human chest. Disease in the human body is not only a physical illness but can also mental or psychological illness, for example just how to overcome depression according to Islam. Human feelings are not always quiet, sometimes feel angry, jealous, envy, anxious, and others.

The Benefits of Reading the Qur'an and practicing it can be spared from various heart diseases. Al-Quran is only in the form of writing alone but the Virtue of Reading the Qur'an can provide enlightenment for everyone who believes. When one's heart is open with the Quran then he can cure himself so that his feelings become more calm and happy by being in God's way.

4. Al-Mau'izah (Advice)

The Quran also serves as the bearer of counsel for the cautious and also the Source of the Islamic Teachings. In the Qur'an there are many teachings, counsels, warnings about life for the righteous, who walk in the way of Allah. The advice contained in the Qur'an is usually related to an event or event, which can be used as a lesson for people in the present or the future.

Advice and warning is important because as humans we often face various problems and how to solve them should be taken from the teachings of religion. How do we deal with our neighbors, husbands, parents, and even our enemies has been taught in the Qur'an.

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