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Allah (S.W.T) commanded Muslim and all human beings to wear clothes ( covering of the body) and also commanded it for decoration for Muslims.

"O you children of Adam! We have given you clothing to cover your selves ( and private part ). And also for decoration for you. But, the clothing of righteousness, that is the best. These are among the sign of Allah that may receive the warning and advice". Quran 7 verse 26

From the above verse, it is certain that wearing of cloth is compulsory for Muslims. But does the commandment end there? Are there no specifications? No detailed example of materials to be worn? No guidelines for the lenght size and colour? Absolutely yes,

Answer to the question can be found in both Quran and Sunnah.

"O children of adam, let not the satan misguide you, in the same way he got your parent out the jannah, taking away of them their clothing to expose their private parts.......... Quran 7 verse 27

It is clear from the above verse that the way by which shaitan got Adam and Hawa out of jannah is by showing them their private parts.

This is what is in "vague" now. Females exposing half of their breasts all in the name of fashion. This act can be accrued to the deceit of sheitan in a bid to get people half hell fire.

To answer the above questions, specification for men is to wear any cloth except silk and gold and to cover the whole body from the neck to the ankles. Minimally, the navel to the knees, as those are considered nude parts of the males. Ali bn Abu Talib narrated that,

" Once I wore a silk suit and then I saw anger on the prophet face then I went home and distributed it to females in my household."

In another Hadith narrated by Abu Musa, he said prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said,

" Gold and silk are lawful for the female alone but prohibited to the males.

Thus the ruling for males is to cover minimally there navel to the knee and desist from wearing silk and gold and to avoid wearing long ( below ankle) clothes.

The prophet also forbade clothes dyed red with safflower, as narrated Ali Bn Abi Talib, that prophet forbade wearing of silk and cloth dyed with safflower (red dyed).

To be continued.....................