ISLAM & EARLY MARRIAGE (concluding part)

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In my previous post for those who missed it. You can still read it here.ISLAM & EARLY MARRIAGE. here is the concluding part of it.

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Early marriage is a vital necessity for our young brothers and sisters because of it's simplicity.
There is no condition of completing studies or military service.
Marriage is like food, drink and clothing to them. At certain time man would need a certain woman and vice- versa, and nothing should prevent them from coming together in a lawful matrimony.
Reliably it has been argued by the medical practitioners that marrying lately especially for the females pose daughter to them as the risk of having abnormal child is high.
The west in placing obstacles and hurdles in the way of marriage, had laid it self open to public and private licentiousness as well as various other perversions. It's own figure show that most young sisters are sexually active from age ten for girls and from reaching physical maturity for boys,
With all dangerous consequences of that such as abortion and the profusion of illegitimate children found on the streets and in the slums, as well as various sexually transmitted diseases and adulterous acts together with marital family infidelity, incest and suicide.
The homosexuality and the trade in buying and selling children and so on.
Knowing that Islam is the religion of human nature i.e fitrah, it is clear that sexual purity and cleanliness necessitate that we return to the teachings of Islam on this important area of life.

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He said, 'Stop doing wrong things and turn back to God! The kingdom of heaven is almost here.'(Matthew 3:2)

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