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Established in 2010, IronFX is the award-winning leading global online forex trading brand, with 10 trading platforms and over 200 tradable instruments. IronFX serves retail and institutional customers from over 180 countries in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America while providing support in over 30 different languages. The Group authorised and regulated by the four premier regulators in the FX world, FCA (UK), ASIC (Australia), FSCA (South Africa) and CySEC (Cyprus)

Established in 2017, EmurgoHK, a global leader in blockchain technology, is the venture builder for the Cardano blockchain protocol, and its hugely successful native cryptocurrency, the ADA Coin. Located in one of the world’s most dynamic business hubs, Hong Kong, and perfectly positioned between Northeast and Southeast Asia, EmurgoHK is spreading the revolutionary Cardano protocol across the Pacific Rim.

IRONX is a platform initiated as a global one-stop trades system for the purpose of quality resources. This venture seeks to offer a fair, safe, and clear digital assets trading-service for the blockchain world.In addition, this stage is designed, not only to produce an ecosystem that will function for cryptocurrency trading but also functions for financial products token with huge differences in digital space.

The IRONX is an exchange platform that allows users to trade using local currencies from various countries. This is what makes our trade more quickly and easily because users can buy or sell cryptocurrency directly, not by methods that are slower and more difficult to use through intermediaries, such as BTC or ETH. This also means that users can trade from various countries without additional difficulties, this is what makes IRONX different from other types of exchanges.

IRONX is one of the results of developing the blockchain industry that experiences better performance and good ideas, based on a system that allows investors to be more open to symbolic investment.As one of the first blockchain platforms to be produced, the company wants to help investors care more about the economic weaknesses experienced by many people around the world in a concept of reciprocal assistance as an investment that can be used by users on this registered blockchain platform. The essence of some important points of the IRONX platform is that most registered investors and potential investors will start their business on the entire platform.

Founded in 2010, IronFX is the world's leading online forex trading brand, with 10 trading platforms and more than 200 tradable instruments. IronFX serves retail and institutional customers from more than 180 countries in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America and provides support for more than 30 different languages. The group is authorized and regulated by four major regulators in the world FX, FCA (UK), ASIC (Australia), FSCA (South Africa) and CySEC (Cyprus)

Vision IRONX

Our vision is to create a cryptocurrency exchange made with traditional traders. This is why we have combined the best in traditional trading from IronFX, with the best in EmurgoHK cryptocurrency, to create a world-class crypto exchange.

We want our exchange to offer services commonly used by traders, and combine them with the benefits of trading on the cryptocurrency market. We also want to introduce crypto traders with the benefits offered by traditional trade. IronX Exchange intends to enable clients to use IronX Exchange and cryptocurrency crypto accounts to migrate or move (partially or completely) positions/exposures into the IronFX Group online trading platform efficiently, quickly and without cost, through the general use of the best back office and banking backbone and payment methods available by IronFX Group. In addition, the accumulation of existing experience related to Risk Management, Account Management, and Compliance Management will be used as an unlimited bridge that facilitates the process of transferring/positioning from cryptocurrency trading to traditional online trading.

Business thought

After reviewed the business thought from the IronX whitepaper, I saw that the IronX's business thought had smart and logical qualities. Today, several cryptocurrency commerce platforms and websites were created by inexperienced developers and corporations, so remark varied problems: (1) not obliging with or having no regulation; (2) slow; (3) unhealthy interface; (4) not safe (frequently hacked); (5) client support isn't aware of handle complaints; etc.

Since IronFX has the expertise to form a superior forex commerce platform, the thought of creating a large-scale digital currency commerce platform may just about be completed. Like forex and stock commerce generally, there area unit key success factors, such as:

Comply with the rules (for client protection);

Its design incorporates a in no time and strong performance;

High-level information security and confidentiality;

The programme is intuitive and simple to use; and

Quality service support.


● Ultra-high performance architecture for handling global scale industries

● Accelerated performance; 1 million trades per second

● Intuitive, easy-to-use interface

● High-grade security and data protection

● Simple systems management

● Constant, top-of-the-line system performance

● Error detection codes on all records

● Always active, dynamic database

● Comprehensive customer coverage and service offerings

● Quick failover support

● Simple systems management

● HFT capable systems

● Monitoring and alert

● Seamless fail-safe modes

● Easy FIAT-to-CRYPTO purchasing capabilities


● Access to multiple different cryptocurrencies

● 24/7 supported trading

● Fixed transaction fees

● Run reports

● Rapidly accepted deposits and withdrawals in CRYPTO and FIAT for all users

● Audit trades

● Automatic dispersal of Daily Account Statements or configure default recurring daily reports for newly registered users

● Ability to place, edit and cancel limit orders into the order book via API

● Matching Engine - lean design matches orders at throughputs in excess of 1 million transactions per second

● Nine supported order types including market, limit and stop

Tokens and ICO

The organization has additionally begun a private token deal that is by 'welcome just.' The aim is to dispatch the IRX tokens and utilize the cash accumulated to build up the stage further. The presale opened on June the fourth offering 200,000,00 tokens.

The IRX Token private deal kept running from the twentieth of June 2018 until the 30th of August 2018, and effectively sold 67,691,787 tokens, at the cost of $0.33 (USD) per token, for estimation of $22,338,290 (USD). After a fruitful private deal, IronX has chosen to discharge an extra up to 82,308,213tokens for people in general deal

Holders of IRX tokens will likewise profit in an assortment of ways. In view of holding levels, they will be qualified for extra administrations and motivators on the IronX – IronFX Group biological community. Holders of IRX tokens will likewise profit in an assortment of ways. In light of holding levels, they will be qualified for extra administrations and impetuses on the IronX – IronFX Group biological community.

Markdown in spreads on dealers on exchanging items

Free IronFX Card, VIP Accounts without any necessities, free Virtual Private Server (VPS) without prerequisites

Limited charges for Portfolio (Management Fees and Performance Fees)

Overhaul Introducing Broker/Affiliate without the current necessities

Extra commissions for the Introducing Broker/Affiliate when paid in IRX

Open an IRX Base Currency Trading Account to exchange CFDs on the IronFX Group trading stage, store and pull back in IRX

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