Getting ready for Hurricane Irma

in irma •  last year

image.jpeg I'm really hoping this massive monster goes away. I've been getting ready for Irma since Monday, hoping for the best but its not looking good. After seeing what happened in Texas, you can't predict Mother Nature. This would be hurricane num 9 for me. Its very scary when you don't know how bad its going to be. If you are down here in Florida I wish for the best, please be safe everyone 🙏.image.jpegimage.jpeg

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Praying for all those affected by these storms. In and out of the USA 🇺🇸🌎🇺🇸

Praying for you all, glad to see that you are ready. Stay safe!


Nothing bad happened to me. Lots of trees down. Other people were not that lucky ☹️

😣😣😣,I can not imagine of being there ... praying for you all ...


Yeah..can you imagine ?

Us spectators of this event must really be glad and pray for their quick recovery !


It was crazy!, I've to upload couple videos we took. This could have been lot worse. The Keys is destroyed ☹️

This is not so good

God help them!

All my prayers go to all the people in the Caribbean that are touched by Irma and Jose. I hope that they will recover quickly :)

God will help them .

What about before and after
Any updates


Lots of trees fall. Some people still without power. I was very lucky I only lost power for 15 hours 🙏

Americans control the weather, but not always they handle the control of it.


I think HAARP has something to do with lot what is happening in our weather.

I'm all the way from South Africa but seeing images all over the news. Stay safe!!!