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Hello, Today we are to build and run a node for the IRIShub Network the first Hub for Cosmos Network.

Using Docker no need install or buil IRIShub, just two commands and some setup.

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Learn more about IRIShub Network

ok, let's Build, first need to install docker.

Install Docker

 sudo apt-get update
 curl -fsSL -o

Add your user to Docker Group

 sudo usermod -aG docker $(whoami)

Log out of your account and log back in

Docker Version = ok

Now that Docker is installed, just run IRIShub-Docker

docker run -it -p 26657:26657 -p 26656:26656 -v $HOME/.iris:/root/.iris -v $HOME/.iris:/root/.iris irisnet/irishub:v0.4.2 iris init gen-tx --name=Write-Validatorian-Name-HERE

Permission to folders creates previously

sudo chown cosmosseeddns4:sudo .iris/config

sudo chown cosmosseeddns4:sudo .iris/data

Open the folder

cd .iris/config

Download the Genesis File for Fuxy-3001 (the actual Genesis file, remember go to riot chat for the nexts genesis files.)


Edit config.toml,add seeds and verify moniker/Validatorian name is ok.

vi config.toml

*A custom human readable name for this node
moniker = "moniker-Validatorain-name"

*Comma-separated list of seed nodes to connect to
seeds =

"[email protected]:26656,[email protected]:26656"

Save the file and Start IRIShub

docker run -it -p 26657:26657 -p 26656:26656 -v $HOME/.iris:/root/.iris -v $HOME/.iris:/root/.iris irisnet/irishub:v0.4.2 iris start

When are sure that the node is donwloading the chain and its sync, fell free to close for run in detached mode.

For close CRL+C , For Run in detached mode add (-d) to the docker command. ;) the process is running on docker, can close session and back later the IRIShub is working meanwhile on docker.

For run the commands to IRIShub in docker just add ( --network="host" ) example:

docker run --network="host" irisnet/irishub:v0.4.2 iriscli -h

irishub light-client

  iriscli [command]

Available Commands:
  init        Initialize light client
  status      Query remote node for status
  advanced    Advanced subcommands
  stake       Stake and validation subcommands
  gov         Governance and voting subcommands
  account     Query account balance
  send        Create and sign a send tx
  keys        Add or view local private keys
  version     Show version info
  params      Governance and voting subcommands
  help        Help about any command

  -e, --encoding string   Binary encoding (hex|b64|btc) (default "hex")
  -h, --help              help for iriscli
      --home string       directory for config and data (default "/root/.iriscli")
  -o, --output string     Output format (text|json) (default "text")
      --trace             print out full stack trace on errors

Use "iriscli [command] --help" for more information about a command.

docker run --network="host" irisnet/irishub:v0.4.2 iriscli stake -h

Others Command to verify the IRIShub running in docker-locally

docker run --network="host" irisnet/irishub:v0.4.2 iris version
docker run --network="host" irisnet/irishub:v0.4.2 iriscli version


docker run --network="host" irisnet/irishub:v0.4.2 iriscli status

Screenshot from 2018-11-07 00-25-54.png

AKA iriscli status=

"catching_up":true = the node is downloading and is not full sync yet. When is "False" the node is full sync the last block.
"network":"fuxi-3001" = The actual network the node is connected.
"latest_block_height":"56217" The actual last block sync in this node.
"voting_power":"0"} the Validator is not working.

This others command can help for status and peers connected

curl http://localhost:26657/status
curl http://localhost:26657/net_info

Congratulations here the node is working and now meanwhile is sync, can read this doc to be a validator and learn more about IRIShub.

Screenshot from 2018-11-07 01-13-55.png

This for instructions about becoming a validator, creates accounts and transfers tokens.

Here for claim free tokens

Here for see the last block, actives validators and more.

NOTE: if the node not sync, can go to riot chat and ask for some persistent peers or any other question.!

Screenshot from 2018-11-07 02-21-31.png

Happy Validating.

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