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In the distant Middle East, Iran, a farce of a big change is being staged.

For example, Lady Gaga's album "Joanne" released in 2016 is suddenly awkward, leaving only a pink hat hanging on the cover (pictured right). Gaga himself disappeared, leaving only a group of stains that were slightly lighter than the background.

But this is not the credit of the tyrant, but the pioneering work of the Iranian music website MELOVAZ. With "excellent patience and sophistication, they "cleaned up" most of the women on the album cover.

If you open their website, you'll soon find something wrong: although the site is designed to be modern, these albums seem inexplicably seemingly "empty."
Let's just take a look at one of them. This "late autumn" like Heize is completely an impressionistic abstract color block from MELOVAZ.
But the problem is that the albums of people are obviously like this:
Such examples are not uncommon on their websites. You see, Beyonce's "Spirit" has only one female lion's head (right), and Beyonce himself really becomes "Spirit", disappearing into the boundless darkness.
The original soundtrack of Lady Gaga's other album, The Birth of a Star, is obviously a lot worse. She directly incarnates the kind of ghost that will appear in the horror movie, and the actor next to him continues to play the guitar without changing color.
Although men generally can avoid the fate of annihilation, if you and women go too close, it is difficult to escape. For example, the album "Death 2", the two on the cover disappeared directly together, there is no room for negotiation.
In addition, MELOVAZ's slow-working method also created a lot of supernatural phenomena. The girl who walked on the water disappeared, leaving only the splash of water on the foot; Whitney Houston also left the cover. Go, the so-called "Higher Love" is in name only in existence; Avril's reflections have been gone, leaving her guitar in the water...
This "one-click deletion" of magical realism is everywhere on the MELOVAZ page. If you look at the patterns above, there is a subtle sense of absurdity in your heart. That is: they choose a more troublesome way to pretend that these women do not exist, rather than simply and rudely deleting or shielding them.

Behind this absurdity is the serious gender inequality that exists in Iran. As a state of religion and religion under Islamic law, Iran has a clear provision that women must wear headscarves in public, or they will be arrested. Even entering the stadium to watch the game has been excluded from the rights of women since 1979. Until last month, a female fan named "Blue Girl" was arrested for attempting to enter the stadium, and she committed suicide by anger. This 40-year-old right returned to their hands.
For ordinary people like you and me, there are mistakes that often make mistakes in life: treat everything in the environment in which you live as "take it for granted."

But in fact, some of the rights that we don't even realize are a luxury that can't be solved for the rest of the world. Conversely, there are still things that are common to us, and it is not so reasonable to think about it.

Staring at the album cover on MELOVAZ that is empty and creepy, you may suddenly realize that the so-called "under the same sky" has never been said to be so light. Some people want to erase the existence of half of the world, no matter what the reason is.

In this black humorous absurdity, we continue to live. Together with those who are bought and sold, with people who are not allowed to eat at the same table with men, together with those who cannot enter the football field, they are also with people who have been wiped off from the cover of their work.

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