🇮🇷 The Inscription of the "Diyhistani" 🇮🇷

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Historical monuments of iran

The Inscription of the "Diyhistani" is the fourth Inscription of Ardeshir of Ahura Mazda, carved in the "Nagshe Rustam". Ardeshir and Ahuramazda riding on horse against each other, the body of Ardavan and Ahriman under the hooks of the horses of Ardeshir and Ahuramazda and Ardeshir striving in the ring of sovereignty from Ahuramazda

Nagshe Rustam"

darvazeh melal:Gate of All Nations

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Historical monuments must be on guard as evidence of the nation's future history.

depending on how you react to the first nuclear strike by isreal on teheran rich part where the mullahs and their goons live, it may stand... otherwise, it may but it will be necessary to take precautions when visiting, it will be hot... not the temp...