Who Will Strike First?

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Over the heightened tensions between the US and Iran, President Trump called off a retaliation that would have killed 150 people, for the reason that killing any number of people over a drone is not worth it. Secretary-General Antonio Guterre of the UN is urging for the two countries to talk with the threat of war becoming more and more realistic. After Trump's tweet, the Iranian commander of the Aerospace Force of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps, Amir Ali Hajizadeh said that they, too, decided not to strike a manned aircraft that had 35 people on board and instead targeted the drone.

With everything on the line will these two finally go to war or will this continue the same trend as the others? Perhaps the same way as Korea to be used at another time, or as an ally to one against the United States? What do you think? Please leave your comments in the replies section below.

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