Russia and Iran Sign Oil Deal

in iran •  6 months ago

After the US has imposed more sanctions on Iran, a deal between Iran, Russia have agreed with three other ex-soviet nations how to divide up the oil and gas resources of the Caspian Sea leading the way for more energy exploration. Several nations have been feuding over the Caspian Sea for over 30 years. The big thing here though is that these countries are trying to make the recent sanctions imposed by the US obsolete.

After quitting the Iran nuclear deal Mr Trump threatened to block all businesses trading with Iran from accessing the US market.
In response to the sanctions, Iran has threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz, an oil shipment route, which could lead to the prices of oil rocketing.


This will open the door for a huge oil and gas venture between the two countries, and ever since Trump abandoned the Iran Nuclear Deal, nations including Russia and China rejected the threats, which also come as the US imposes harsh sanctions on steel and aluminum imports. How do you think Trump will respond to this? The world seems to be playing with the idea of war. Please post your comments in the replies section below.

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Sounds like a crude time...

This will not go over well with America...

America will meet their maker one day.

Interesting, to see how this is developing.

America's days are limited!

America isn't going to be around much longer at this rate...