IQ Promotes the System's Narrative

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There is a bias ingrained in human nature aimed to take the exception to the rule, as the the rule. It helps us make sense of the world but it is not necessarily the correct way to see things. When we take into consideration the fact that the system controls the media we come into some pretty basic realizations. Most people do not want to see these facts because it conflicts with the system's narrative.

IQ measures stupidity, not intelligence. Beyond the median it just measures how good you are in taking IQ tests. It becomes literally just another game where you can practice to improve or not practice and degrade.

For those who take scientific studies seriously, there are studies that demonstrate that you can increase up to 23%. Imagine what you can do if you have parents that push you into that direction.

Having said this;

If you take 1000 Bonobo Apes at least 1 of them will have a better score than the average African American.

If you take 1000 African Americans at least one of them will have a better score than the average white person.

If you take 1000 White people at least one of them will have a better score than the average Asian person.

Politics focus on taking the exception to the rule and presenting it in the media and entertainment industries as the rule. The do this in order to push specific policies and trends. From there on, It all depends whether the average person bites the narrative. And this is perhaps a very good intelligence test on and in itself.

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IQ is a pain in the ass.

Because the dregs of society all have low IQ
And the inventors / innovators all have high IQ.

So, we have a problem on one end, and a boon? on the other.

The real gotcha seems to be that their are points along the IQ line that REALLY make a difference. Below a certain point, the person becomes incapable of taking care of themselves are doing anything useful.

Above a certain line the person starts thinking so different as to be another species. Where there is huge difficulty speaking from one side to the other.

And these two point really need to be studied, because the middle, the average person really doesn't understand.

And then there is religion for Mensa's...

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