Again 25: green lines appear on iPhone X displays for no apparent reason

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Apple's decision to use OLED displays in its jubilee smartphone iPhone X was not the most successful. Previously it was reported that the display can burn out when displaying a static image and refuses to perceive the touch input at low ambient temperature. But, as it turned out, the iPhone X has more problems with the display.

At this time, users began to complain about the appearance of vertical shelves of green color near the side edges of the display. At least 20 iPhone X owners reported this problem.

"I just played with my new smartphone, suddenly it happened," said one of the MacRumors forum members with the pseudonym tmiles81. "It's a really bright line going all the way to the right side of the smartphone."

It is noted that the green line was not observed on any of the affected vehicles immediately out of the box. It arbitrarily manifested itself after a short time of use under normal conditions. Apparently, the affected devices did not fall and did not receive any other damage.

"The first day and a bright green line appeared on the right side of the iPhone X", - said the user Apple Support Communities with the nickname benvolio1979.

Some users tried to reset the smartphone or even completely restore the smartphone, but this did not help to eliminate the green line. Typically, such a strip appears near the left or right edge of the screen, but can be observed anywhere on the display.

Apparently, the problem is not tied to any particular model of the iPhone X, it is found in devices with 64 and 256 GB of built-in flash memory in silver and gray colors. Also, you can not tie this hardware failure to a particular region. Messages about the appearance of the green strip on the display come from the USA, Canada, Poland and Australia.

Apple has not commented on this information in any way. Some users with problematic devices turned to local representative offices of the company, and they were replaced free of charge by smartphones.

The appearance of a green strip on the OLED display of the iPhone X can be a manufacturing defect. In last year's model Samsung Galaxy S7, which also equipped with OLED display, also sometimes there were similar problems - in some devices on the screen there were bands of pink color. Samsung recognized this problem as a hardware failure and offered replacement of damaged devices.

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