IPhone X is coming Welcome to 2015.. Marketing is key, not value.

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When an old school company with US government support comes out with new features, you re phone had 2 years and you pay for it.

And now you're probably wishing you didn't pre-order. Understandably.

iphone is king of marketing but you weren't going to buy it for it's feature or abilities you wanted it to be one of the cool kids but really you're taking a step back in time. Enjoy your iPhone X. I will enjoy you having it more.


which one are you using!!!

I use Blackberry DTek-50. once Sony is using BB tech I will go back.

I just saw this on FB and was going to post it too, haha!

I'm looking forward to seeing what else comes out in the next 12 months or so.

The RED Hydrogen is the one that interests me most at the moment.

Nice. I'm so glad BB tech is now available to any Android phone. It's still going against all odds, but hey, they got best features for people who love a secure phone. Till then Im BB all the way!!

I didn't know about that, must have missed the memo there. :-P

The RED is Android based, so that gives it another advantage in my eyes. I'm just waiting to see one in person before buying. The holographic display sounds great on paper, but I want to see it with my own eyes before committing. (It might look horrible IRL haha).

it sounds awesome. I heard and slightly looked into some BB competition but the unique chips in my phone that over ride App permissions is the best ever. The number of times my BB asks, on the spot, if i give permission for WeChat to use my mic when I am not even thinking about using my pone told me I made best choice ever,

Too many folks give there data to Apple and then complain about the gov watching everything, though no proof that game or app isn't gov approved (monitoring )but with bb you control it with tech that overrides. Embarrassing to everything else and still android OS, I can use any app and still keep my phone safe. My Jaxx is safe on a BB phone.

That sounds like a really great feature! I was looking at a laptop that is built using similar tech features the other day, but I forgot to bookmark the site and can't remember the name. It had it's own OS (not sure how they done that, think it's Ubuntu based) and it had features like kill switches for the mic and webcam.

I'll have to look into Blackberry again when the time comes for an upgrade. I'm almost waiting for something a bit more "special" to come along. :-)

I found it! Purism is the name: https://puri.sm/

They're also currently crowdfunding a new phone here: https://puri.sm/shop/librem-5/

do post it it. got my vote

This is what I knew would happen when Jobs died.
This happened to Pear back when they fired Jobs.

The bean counters and marketing think its their company. And they really stifle innovation because they believe it is just man hours. They don't understand the long shot or have a feeling for which long shots will work out.

All they have left is customer loyalty and the solidarity of the interface. If more of what pear is doing with customer information gets out their users will flee.

But, what is mostly keeping pear in business? There is no real competition. You either get pear OS or you get Boogle. Both are in bed with the govern-cement.

BB is great, but, in my eyes they are only a tenth of the way there. I am waiting for a unix based phone. And then I hope for some really security.

Yea, it really sucks pear lost its drive to be more than what it currently is. Surely there must be some wise folk still in the lab, hopefully they give more duties than coffee runs.

Bb is great for me now. I do miss some of the functions from my Sony i had before. However bb is selling their tech to be used in any Android phone. I think HTC is using bb security in one of there models now.

If Unix based start coming out i'd give it try.

People HATE to see the hard statistics, right? There are a lot of folks who would look at this, experience brief cognitive dissonance, and then basically just go ..."fuck you!"

But I do have to provide one counterpoint - my Macbook Pro from 2015, though overpriced in many ways, is a beast in terms of durability. It runs as well as it did the day I got it, 2.5 years later, and still handles all of my audio engineering software without any issues.

That and the lack of viruses have kept me on the Mac train for now... but even so, I'm not sure if it's really worth the premium.

Apple does make quality products, of all my friends that use the macbooks none have complained aside from the price. And it is less likely to get viruses which a huge plus.

I am an Android user all the way

You can also pay less than half the price for a better device today. Some people don't know any better.

Marketing dollars at work to make X for Expensive. Very much so if you asked me but then I heard Xiaomi also coming up with phone north of $1000.

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