My First Experience With The iPhone X

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With such a beautiful sheek look and all it's upgraded specs, the iPhone X was nothing more than disappointing.

I copied the image above from Google because it's a side by side view of what I have now with the exception that I have the iPhone 6s Plus. I have been a fan of Apple ever since an old friend gave me a Macbook Air when she upgraded hers for college.

As much as I love Apple I can't begin to tell you how much it saddens me to write such a review, but I wanted to share this unbelievable story. Nevertheless, I continue to love Apple products so I will gradually work my way to the malfunctions of the iPhone X.

I patiently waited three weeks for the iPhone X to arrive and when it did the feelings became more intense and euphoric. Like a 12 year old on Christmas morning waiting for his brand new kicks, PS4, XBOX ONE, or the new item on many children's Christmas list... An "iPhone."

When I took the phone out of the box and powered it on, it had more than half of it's battery life, and the all glass model gave it a clean sheek finish. On a side by side comparison of my iPhone 6s Plus and the iPhone X, the X is smaller with a better grip in your palm and even though on first glance the screen appears to be smaller, the iPhone X does not have a home button on the bottom of the screen so you're able to get a full picture without the black banner that comes with the older models as you can see on the side by side image above.

With the older iPhone models I have had, I used to manually put in my password for all accounts like iCloud, Apple ID, and my most important app, Evernote. Since most of us have smartphones many of us forget our passwords over time and have to rely on special features like the fingerprint features, two-key verification, and now face scanning.

The cool thing about the X was the that it was able to sync my phone with all apple devices without having to go through all the manual inputs. It was syncing in a matter of seconds. A feature I thought was pretty cool and handy. With that said, this special syncing feature is where I came across most of the major malfunctions the phone displayed within its first thirty minutes.

As the iPhone X was syncing to the other devices, and transferring my personal information from the iPhone 6s Plus, it froze. I had no idea how to power the phone off or give it that reboot you normally do by pressing the home button with the power key. While the screen was frozen Siri was reading some numbers off and followed up by calling 911. Yes, 911 !

After briefly explaining to the dispatch officer of the false emergency call, I put the phone back in its box and waited till the next morning to start this process over.

A few people I have spoken to have friends or relatives that also have the iPhone X and they are all extremely happy, and have nothing but good things to say about the recently released iPhone X , and I'm sure it is a great phone.

Unfortunately, I happened to get one with major technical issues. Along with the syncing process, it kicked me off all my applications and I have to wait three days for Apple to start the recovery process. Like I stated earlier, I have an affinity to Apple products and I would like to make it clear that I have always had good experiences with Apple and will continue to be an iPhone over Android individual. It just so happens I was one of the very few I'm sure that received an defected iPhone X.

As far as getting the phone replaced, that's a different story, but I hope to have a better experience with the replacement.


@joseph, that is a rough experience, hope it would be replaced soon.

@ogejoy, thank you. I'll let you know in another month :)

I'm going to wait til Apple gets all the bugs and problems fixed with the iPhone X before I even get there. I'm still on the iPhone SE LOL

911, hey!?! Wow, that must have been a surprise for the person on the other end and you?

I also have the same feelings bout Macs these days and feel like I should move away from the products now, because they seem to be moving toward centralization instead of decentralized and highly adaptable machines...

I wish you the best of luck with the replacement, thanks for the powerful heads-up and namaste :)

@eric-boucher, quite the surprise it was. Unfortunately, technology has its glitches but there's a solution to everything.

That's a great Comment @eric-boucher I appreciate your comments 👍 🙌

ALMOST EVERYTHING APPLE HAS ANDROID HAD BEFORE IT. If you like apple so much, it’s really android youÂ’re thanking. Thank android for all of apples amazing ideas. And guess who gets sued? Android!
Sure, Apple and Android copy each other, but Apple is two years behind!

You could remove all the app in the dock. Then activate AssistiveTouch button and asign single tap to home. Put the AssistiveTouch button at the center dock. Then you’ll get your “home button” back

Well, now you know what we Brazilians do when we acquire technological products. We have a state regulatory company and it does not help the technological development in our country at all, but rather, it lets companies sell rubbish at the price of gold for us, which we have earned so badly. It really sucks. Hope your problem can be solved.

Hopefully they work out the unintuitive gestures currently present on the iPhone X

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I have been an iPhone user since the beginning. This year i was gifted a samsung galaxy s8 and i hate to say it but i really love the damn thing! I did not expect that i would after just being into the iPhones for so long. Now this does not mean i don't like the iPhones anymore. They are still the best of the best!

Oh my hat @joseph!!! What an utterly annoying experience... and somewhat EMBARRASSING - re. the 911 call lol

Technology sure can be frustrating at times. I haven't owned an iphone for many many years now, as I lean more towards the android side of things and am particularly fond of Samsung, but they ALL come with their aggravating little glitches that we have to work through... not unlike us humans I suppose lol ;)

I hope your replacement phone offers you the experience that you initially wanted of being a child on christmas morning :)

lol thank you @jaynie, I started off with Android and have nothing but positive things to say about the phones I've had. Having Apple was just more convenient for me. I'm glad you are happy with your change and I must give credit to Samsung on their recent Samsung VS. Apple commercial. It was hilarious, yet somewhat true.

Oh, I have not seen that - will seek it out. The stuff competitors will do for promotional exposure these days is yes - very hilarious! I am not sure where you are from, but here in South Africa, we have a fast food chain called Nando's (not sure if they are only national or also international) but their advertising is simply the BEST! It is ALWAYS related to current political affairs, VERY controversial, very quick off the cuff.... and normally VERY quickly banned lol - from their billboards to their TV ads.... I am not sure you will "grasp" the humour if you are not south african... but here are some of their best!

If you know anything about our horrifically corrupt government and our country, you will definitely appreciate these lol :)

my choice always iphone

I really appreciate your iPhone X experience @joseph 📲

Thanks for the read @myeasin

Thanks for reply


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I can only imagine how disappointing it is to wait for something so badly and then it doesn’t work properly.IphoneX looks very cool, but I have iPhone 6 which still works fine so maybe next year I’ll go for it😍

@damira, thanks for the read.

IPhone is always the best. Thank you for sharing your experience with this great phone :)

Apple invests more in marketing than in R&D, sorry for you guys!

All thanks to technology

I only had an iPhone 5 SE, and remain largely unimpressed. I love my Galaxy S8 though. The screen is peeling off I've cracked it from dropping it without a case, but it still works great!

iphone X since its new to me, it must undergo to various test before I decide to purchase thanks for the info👍

I really like the Google service and the ecosystem and therefore I used Android phones for years, mainly Nexus devices. But IMHO as the software gets better there aren't many android devices recently that I wanted to get and the iPhone X seemed the best choice. I bought it and I'm mostly very happy with it.
I was amazed (and still am) how well it works with the Google services. Google Drive is as seamlessly integrated as iCloud at least for documents unfortunately not for backups.
What really drives me crazy is how bad the notification center (and notifications in general on iOS) is. I get two Mails, a message and a reply on reddit and the screen is filled with chaos without any option other than open or delete EVERY SINGLE NOTIFICATION.
I can't group notifications, their expanded by default and I have to open or delete every notification separately where on android there's one notification panel for every app and I can expand them delete all of them or all notification of one app or a single notification, an overall superior experience.

Also even after weeks of use I dislike the notch even more as when I first used the phone, I like FaceID as much as I hate the notch.

And control center in landscape mode is just stupid I can never figure out where the notification center stops and where to bring down the control center only on the very right edge seems to work every time.

@falvous , thanks for filling me in on the X and i'm glad you're happy with it. I have nothing against Android either. I think they have great phones and I once was an Android user :)

I have had a Iphone 6 and am pretty happy with it, but i took a look at the S8 and previewed the S9 and its screen is making me think twice.

I am sorry for your troubles.

But, I already knew the latest iGadget would be blah.
They have stopped innovating, and started doing things... like removing ports to make the laptop look thinner.
And so, I expect more blah.

Apple support destroyed my iPod, because they demanded I update to their new security feature which I could not use.

My brother loves apple products still.

It has nice features but really i hate the facial imprint because of the privacy issues.

Not a fan of the face ID either. Same reason lol

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