iPhone Cursor Hack!!!

in #iphone5 years ago

Heya folks!

So my wife discovered something truly amazing today... We have been iPhone users for many years now but we have always had one complaint, the cursor!

Have you ever written a long text for a Steemit post, or anything else for that matter, and had to go back and make a correction???

It's vital impossible to get the cursor to go where you want it. Many times leaving you frustrated and deleting entire words or sentences just to fix one tiny mistake.

Well fellow Steemians, this will make your life a whole lot easier!


All you have to do is hold down the spacebar on your keyboard and then slide your thumb where you want your cursor to go! Try it, it’s so easy!

Now you can seamlessly make corrections to your texts without thumbing at your screen for ten minutes!

One small note, I often use Grammarly keyboard to write posts and it doesn't work with that keyboard. If anyone knows how to make it work there, I would be very thankful!

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I hope this helps you out! Have a great day everyone!

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Howdy sir badger! great job of coming up with that. I've never had an iphone but for those who do I know it will be a tremendous help!

Yessir saves me sooo much time

It would take me forever to create a post using a phone. Its good that you found that trick. I am sure it will save you from allot of headaches.

I hardly ever use my computer anymore but works pretty good with my iPad. But your posts are much more complex than mine!

Have a good weekend ! I know you are not using partico but I send this with partico chat to see how it look like at your post. 😀

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Aha... Now I know. Thanks being my testperson...

Happy thanksgiving! send 5 thanksgiving messages to 5 different friends using the partiko chat.

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Have you tried Partiko on your phone? It makes Steeming on the phone a whole lot easier!

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No, I don't. I had it for a little while but I'm back on the browser only

Ah got it! They improved a lot and you can watch dtube videos on the phone now using Partiko!

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