Beta Testers Wanted for NEW iPHONE APP!

in #iphone-development5 years ago (edited)

Become part of pioneering the innovation - become a beta-tester and do what you can to break it so they can make it!

All the information you need is to be found HERE




Good work :)

At 1st a lot of thanks for new information..👏👏👏

Android no, just Iphone?? :D

Thanks man. This is really appreciated !

Thanks for the useful information!

Thanks for your support!

when i press the HERE link i only get a image up.

This looks like a great idea for an app! I have been wondering about users getting mentioned in others post for a while now! This app looks like it solves that issue!

Your link only leads to an image...

But don’t worry, I’m already testing :)

thanks for letting me know, fixed :)

This kind of posts I think they fit in ;) check it out!

This is the kind of innovation that we need to take steem to the next level! Thanks for promoting this! Steemit to the moon! edit: And Jupiter and many moons!

Jupiters many moons?

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android users :/

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