Nice Throw BOI!!

in #ipfs3 years ago (edited)

Hey guys! This is another Dtube video test. From today I'm trying to host my own videos from my new Raspberry Pi device to save on electricity costs. So far it was an absolute pain in the ass to set things up especially that I'm super dumb when it comes to Linux and the Bash commands.

I can finally add items to my IPFS node so I'm really happy for that however, the videos don't seem to load in too fast so I would like to advise everyone just to wait a tiny bit to the video to load in before playing it!

Either my Pi is bottle-necking the performance of my videos since my storage goes through a freakin USB2.0 and there's no other way around that sadly enough (only option is to replace my Pi to something else) or maybe its just the IPFS network's fault. I'm not too sure at this point since I'm not that big of a tech guy. It's a miracle that I got this far tho. :D

There might be a bunch of problems with the upload cuz I'm gonna skip some steps for now so don't be surprised if it doesn't work at all!

So anyway, I hope everyone's having a fantastic day. This is just a very short test, more videos are on the way.

See ya later!

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