MercuriEX CryptoExchange is Giving Away 100,000 MIOTA to Users that Sign Up!

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Mercuriex is Giving Away 100,000 MIOTA to Users that Sign Up

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Users that sign up between July 30th and August 13 and enter the MercuriEX IOTA Giveaway will get a chance to win 1000 Miota (1Gi). It’s that simple.

The after signup and entry, users are able to get additional entries by completing simple tasks, thus increasing your chance to win. Below are a list of following ways that users can gain additional entries:

Follow _MercuriEX on Twitter +1 entry
Retweet a _MercuriEX Tweet +1 entry
View a photo of ours on Instagram (and please follow) +1 entry
Make a Cryptocurrency deposit at MercuriEX +4 entries
Make a trade at MercuriEX +1 entry (1 per day)
Write a blog post about MercuriEX or the Giveaway +2 entries
Submit a video about MercuriEX or the Giveaway +3 entries
Do 6 of the above actions and receive bonus entries +???
A half day in and as of this time of writing 10 individuals have entered the contest. Plenty more can join and the odds will still be good to win ~$1000 worth of IOTA.

We have low, 0.05% trading fees and currently list BTC, LTC, ETH, and IOTA. TUSD and USDT to be added very soon. We are also one of the first exchanges to have integrated lightning deposits.

Come for the contest, but please support MercuriEX and check out our exchange!

Contest can be found at: Mercuriex

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