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IOTA is a brand new and novel micro-transaction crypto token optimized for the Internet-of-Things
(IOT). Unlike the complex and heavy blockchains of Bitcoin and the like, Iota was designed to be lightweight
as possible, hence the name “IOTA” with emphasis on the IOT part.

Tangle allows micropayments, where small amounts can be transferred without fees. In iota, each participant has an integral part in the broadcasting and validation of the transactions on the

Tangle solves scalability and mining. Iota network becomes faster when more transactions occur, this is not the case with traditional blockchain networks. Iota can handle an almost unlimited amount of transactions, while traditional networks can only handle a few. At the present time, the Bitcoin network is about 150 GB in size and keeps growing at an astonishing pace.

IOTA Whitepaper

IOTA Next Generation Blockchain

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If you are confident about the potential of cryptographic technology and blockchain, if you want to get yourself a place in the future where crypto is crypto commanding, and if you want to witness the origin of a new financial system, then it is best to invest now.

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I am looking forward to seeing when IOTA becomes the next big thing. Thanks for this post.


Are you currently holding any IOTA? I'm looking forward to the possibilities of the project.


Yes. I am. I will be doing myself some good, if i can get some more.

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