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I don't think IOTA has had the investment it deserves... Bitcoin was a revolution in technology and will no doubt change the way the entire world works forever. It solved the age old problem of duplicating value and became the worlds first decentralized digital currency. Since then there have been over 1000 currencies which are essentially clones or slight variations of the Bitcoin and it's blockchain, and yet the market cap of some of them is ridiculous.

IOTA in my opinion is the second biggest revolution in digital payment systems, it not another clone or a dupe of Bitcoin. It is completely different from anything else we have seen, there isn't even a blockchain. IOTA is infinitely saleable... compare this to 99% of ALL other currencies that all have limits. IOTA has zero transaction costs, there are no miners, the supply really is fixed. It will work for micro payments and has already been accepted by Microsoft and IBM.

IOTA has been severely underestimated, I think this is manly down the the lack of knowledge about this cryptocurrency, and lack of advertising done by the IOTA foundation. I would have expected to see a 10x rise in the initial price already. So back to my original question... Do you guys think this will catch on eventually and be realized for what an amazing system it is, or do you think it will fizzle away?

I have just sold ALL of my IOTA, even though I'm a huge fan. I just don't enough people talking about it in the news, YouTube or Steemit...

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Maybe we're not ready for it yet

Yeah it's far to advanced for humanity haha

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Its hard to tell, i think it does have potential. and it can still go a lot higher in time. give it a few years.

But there could be better investments. What are you going to put all the money into now ? EOS ? NEO ? ARK ? so many promising coins out there.

Yeah I saw the potential straight away, my dad was on a holiday in France on the day it was released for trading and I called him all exited and we both invested heavily. The price action has been boring and there's little talk of it recently. I'm still undecided it's just sitting in dollars at the moment. Do you have anything invested in IOTA? @varah

For the long term it can be quite profitable, so I just hodl

I'm having second thoughts now lol... I know this coin has so much potential

I would change your motto to "Sell shit...buy IOTA and hold :)". Great post btw, I love everything I have read on IOTA so far and am accumulating more and more as I think it is still cheap and its potential is to go much higher.