IOTA Light Wallet 2.5.1 - Dealing with 'Invalid Transaction Hash'

in #iota7 years ago (edited)

After upgrading to the newest IOTA Light Wallet 2.5.1 i experienced an error when attaching new addresses to the tangle. The solution is not obvious but i found it!

TLDR: If you have a Laptop with a modern NVIDIA graphics card it is probably not active. Instead the default Intel graphics processor is active. You have to switch to use NVIDIA graphics processor for the Wallet.



I have a modern Laptop with a NVIDIA graphics device. Most people do not even know that there is also a build in Intel graphics device that is used as default when you are using the Windows desktop (or other operating systems) and running programs - like the IOTA Light Wallet. The NVIDIA graphics chip is only active when you play graphic intensive programs or games. (You can find out if you have a separate graphic device when you look in the device manager under 'graphic cards'. You should see sth. like 'Intel(R) HD Graphics 530' besides your NVIDIA device)

As far as i know IOTA has changed the POW (=proof of work) with the newest wallet (but i do not know details).
When you generating new addresses and try to attach them to the tangle the POW is active - but it seems to have problems to work with the default Intel graphics device. So the simple solution is to let the IOTA Light Wallet use the NVIDIA graphics device!

Now i tell you how you can do that:

  1. right click on Desktop and choose 'NVIDIA Control Panel'
  2. select on the left side 'manage 3D Settings' (maybe it is called different in english - i just try to translate from german ;-)
  3. select the tab 'application settings'
  4. select the application 'IOTA Wallet' (maybe you have to search and add it first)
  5. set the graphics processor to use the NVIDIA device
  6. close the control panel, open IOTA wallet an reattach new addresses - it should work now :-)

Use at your own risk - i am not responsible for any damage.

Feel free to comment additional infos if i missed something.

Someone told me that you can simply right-click on your IOTA Wallet Icon and select the graphic device in the menu.


This is my case too. Thank you man!

Thanks for your feedback :)

What if someone don't have Nvidia graphic card?

Do you know how to do it on a MacBook? :)

I don't know that.. sorry

Managed to retrieve it all :) just by attaching new addresses to tangle (went to receive option first). Had to repeat it couple of times untill all transactions showed up

That whole article describing the problem should be a video ;)
It took me good 20 minutes of stress to work it out.

Whole balance is visible now, ....but geez :D

Thanks for your feedback... I am not an expert in doing tutorials or even video tutorials... i know the text could be written better and maybe use some images to explain. I will do better next time :)

Not you, IOTA team should take care of this.

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