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-- IOTA is supposed to be an innovative new distributed ledger technology which would function as the backbone of the Internet of Things.

-- IOTA is NOT a Blockchain.

-- IOTA has no mining, no blocks, no difficulty, no transaction fees.

-- IOTA is fee-free system - you can check the whitepaper here:


1- Upvote & Resteem

2- Comment what you like about IOTA

3- Post a valid address (Freshly attached/generated)

The 10 best comments will receive 100 tokens each.


IOTA has the best technology but it still needs to prove itself in the real world. I`m pretty excited about it and think that it will have a bright future.

Remember to resteem and true! :)

I love your post, thanks for sharing! I gave you a vote. I hope you enjoy it.

I really like the fact that IOTA has no transaction fees : it makes it really something you can use in everyday life !


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I love the idea of my car being able to pay for it's own gas or my fridge being able to order groceries when it's low. I love that there's no fees and that it's a new take on how a ledger can work.


Upvoted and Resteemed. Didn't realize I needed to say that but I seem to be the only one who didn't say it.

upvote and resteem....


follow you and waiting for another news....thanx

IOTA is the best, new technology (more secure) and fast transaction make IOTA more attractive for merchants, I know time will prove me right !

I think IOTA with its Tangle technology will change The game of Cryptocurrencies and money as we know it.

Just wait till the vast growing technology of Internet Of Things becomes second nature to us.

  1. I bet IOTA will worth more than bitcoin, otherwise, I will eat my Di#k on life television! -

Please send me a few to play with. I am even into sending you SBD back. Thanks


Using Directed Acyclic Graph (also called tangle) instead of global blockchain is a revolutionary idea and caught my eye instantly. I won't say that IOTA will replace bitcoin as the number one crypto but it will have a huge chunck of the crypto market due to its unique features. IOTA solves alot of problems that blockchain based crypto currencies bring with them. Zero transaction fees is one of the biggest incentive, not to mention there will be no scalability issues! With the development of Internet of Things Industry, IOTA is going to have a great share of crypto currency market. Worth investing in IOTA!
Really appreciate your giveaway :)
Hoping to get a share of it :)



The giveaway seems a good idea, especially when you introduce a new application and want to test it by newcomers.

100 Iota ?


100 Miota ?

Last time I got 1,00,000 IOTA the total value of which is less than a dollar... :(

it will be 100 iota :-) Giveaway each week from now on.

How much can I buy with 1 miota ?
And iota price is $ 0.93, so is that 1 iota or miota ?

Thanks for replying.

Actually, I do not know much about iota but I'm really interested in different and more secure technologies. I still downloading new wallet. I feel this way I will try to understand the other advantages of this iota

here i have light wallet desktop


Nice post @tastytrade!
Do you think it will be over $1 this night? :p
Upvoted & Resteemed :D

Excellent post, I leave the update of the wallet to the version 2.4.0

Greetings, and I hope it was a contribution


Up voted, resteemed and followed.
I like IOTA because I am able to send just 1 single not divisible iota and without a fee. In the world of internet of things I expect to hear about iota voting machines for E-voting.


Upvoted & resteemed.
No fees, infinite scalability and fast transactions - main IOTA benefits.
So there is no limits on the market with coin like that.
Coin of the future with great community.


Ok so here is what I like about Iota:

First, the free transactions fee ;) because who doesn't love something free? ;)
Second, it's that it's supposed to be securised against quantique computers, and I think that we will see a lot of improvments in quantique computers in the next decade: the other cryptos will have to adapt, or they won't be secure anymore and they will collapse, so it's good that it's anticipating the future!
And lastly, the iot is developing so i bet iota will too ;)


Thanks for the opportunity!

I like a number of things within IOTA some of them are --

  1. It has a technology that's ahead of its years.
  2. It is still in Beta phase.
  3. There is a lot of room to Improve itself.
  4. Zero transaction fees
  5. Faster Transactions.
  6. Team of Programmers like Alon Elmaliah , Alfred Keller and more behind IOTA.

There are many more but I will leave it at that.

Upvoted and resteemed.
My wallet address

Followed. Looking forward to seeing more posts from you :)

I love IOTA just because. And zero fees. :D


  1. Upvoted and followed, can't see the resteem button.

  2. At first I got in to crypto currencies expecting not too much, every step seemed small some how. Now this feels like being at the birth of internet 2.0. This has the potention to change the world in so many ways.


is this still on* ?


i upvoted your post plz upvote me back!!

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