Every Partner and Affiliation that IOTA Has (The Tangle)

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You may be wondering, "Who all has partnered with IOTA?"

If you are unfamiliar with IOTA and the Tangle, check out why I think the Tangle is better than Blockchain.

Keep in mind, IOTA has been working with tons of developers just to show them the tech and to get opinions on improving things. They are involved with various projects for free, and are not technically considered partners with everyone they have worked with.

All in all, IOTA has impressed and collaborated with some very reputable organizations. The crazy thing is, they're not just impressing one industry.

IOTA is impressing every industry.

Some of the biggest names? Microsoft, Volkswagen, Bosch, and U.S. Bank.

Just to name a few.

IOTA Partners/Projects:

Company Field of Work Reference
Outlier Ventures Investor Source
Volkswagen Automobile Company Source
Innogy Energy Company Source
F6S Online Tech Startup Incubator Source
Luxoft International Software Development Company Source
St. Petersburg Polytechnic University Source
Ecologie.io Environmental Protection Incentivization Company Source
QUANTITEC Indoor Navigation Localization Company Source
RuuviTag Founders OpenSource Bluetooth Sensor Source
Cleantech21 Foundation Climate Change Source
The Government of Thailand Government Sponsored Event Source
Evernym Online Identity Source
Paragon Decentralized Marijuana Token Source
BitDice Online Casino Source
REFUNITE Assists Refugees Find Family Members Source
Imperial College London’s Centre for Cryptocurrency Research and Engineering IC3RE Source
Satoshi Pay Micropayment System Source
RSKsmart Smart Contracts Source

IOTA's work with Tangle in the Medical Industry

IOTA has reached out to members of the Medical community to promote all of the benefits the Tangle could add.
Organization Reference
Olso Medtech Source
The Norwegian Centre for E-Health Research Source
Oslo Cancer Cluster Source
Alpha Venturi Source

Trusted IoT Alliance

Now for the icing on the cake.

IOTA has also joined forces with the Trusted IoT Alliance. The purpose of this group is to guide the future of Blockchain tech through various companies. There are some huge names in this group which makes IOTA direct partners with the following companies.

Company Industry Reference
Bosch Tools and Smart Devices Source
BNY Mellon Banking Services Source
Cisco Telecommunications Source
Gemalto Digital Security Source
U.S. Bank Banking Services Source
Bitse Blockchain as a Service Company Source
Chronicled Creates Block Chain Ledgers for Physical Things Source
ConsenSys Block Chain Consulting Company Source
Skuchain Cryptography Entrepreneurs Source
Slock.it Implements IoT Tracking for Business Source
HCM International of Foxconn Group Technology Company Source
Oaken Innovations Self Proclaimed: Crossroads of Blockchain and IoT Source
Qtum Merges Bitcoin and Ethereum Tech Source
Chain of Things IoT Identity and Security Source
Big Chain DB Scalable Blockchain Database Powering IPDB Source

Source Stating Above Companies Are Partnered with IOTA: https://blog.trusted-iot.org/newly-launched-trusted-iot-alliance-unites-the-industry-to-further-a-blockchain-based-internet-of-5b5f4eebe36d

We've saved the best for last.

IOTA is even in a certain key alliance with a very specific Fortune 500 company.

Microsoft (Azure) Source


IOTA Partners conclusion

Hopefully this article shed some light on most of IOTA's key partnerships.

Please comment below and provide a resource if any affiliations have been missed.

To get the latest IOTA news, you should check out the awesome community over at https://www.reddit.com/r/Iota/.

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Awesome work :)

Great write up! Many of these I was not aware of. However, I'm worried about what sort of affect alternative tangle-based coins such as BitDice and Paragon will have on the future value of IOTA tokens. Sure, I see the inherent benefit derived from contributing to the tangle, but couldn't a better marketed coin displace IOTA as the most popular tangle-based coin? Could sketchy coins like the ones mentioned here threaten the reputation of the tangle and IOTA? What sets the IOTA apart from these alt-tangle coins?

Found your post on the front page of reddit crypto!
great info, thanks!

sadly you can't update articles here if they are older than ~7 days. That's absolutely stupid.

hola que bn muy bueno, de casualidad sabes si estan buscando ingresariota a otros exchange, como bittrex y poloniex entre otros ?

thx for the great list! Looking forward to the price explosion: http://iotapricechart.com/

Reddit : The CEO of Fujitsu Europe just said in his speech at the Fujitsu Forum that one of the most exciting things in the future of iot is the financial aspect. he took iota as an example and said that this is the future! big thing!
MY comment : I read elsewhere that Fujitsu is considered the most influential adviser to the EU regarding IoT standards.
This is why IOTA was up 28% yesterday

Seriously?? US Bank?? no no no...I don't believe it :D some of the sources don't looks serious...

yes I have asked them if they are connected with ConsenSys thats Ethereum!

thanks but in my opinion these are not "real" partnerships as there is nothing on the company's official site , most sources are sketchy. the only confirmed one is microsoft azure i think but it's nothing concrete yet , no commercial use in my opnion. and even that : "IOTA clarifies it has no formal partnership with Microsoft " still iota is my fourth favourite coin