IOTA!!!!! What's wrong with you?

in iota •  11 months ago


7-day graph of IOTA shows incredible surges in its price. Iota has already overtaken ripples after teaming up with Microsoft. IOTA still has potential to move up and it is predicted that it might touch $10 by the end of this month.


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fyi Iota has not only partnered without Microsoft, but also with Fujitsu, Bosch an more than 20 other companies from different industries


Yeah, actually, it's just like that.
Take a closer look at the Asian market - and look at Technology Group Fujitsu.
Great. Future.

Thanks for information -2 best exchanges we can buy IOTA now are and I bought IOTA at Cool!


Good luck!

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this syndrome is caused by the korean IOTA market, the COINONE exchanges' abusing. Because of the transaction(deposit) is not working. Everyone is waiting the complete of IOTA transaction for their deposit. So this bubble will be gone soon when the transaction work again.