Bitcoin maximalists vs reality

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I  really loved yesterday to meet people who really loved Bitcoin. They  explained everything about how Segwit transaction will be used for  faster and cheaper transactions, and how the development of the  Lightning Network and wallet development will gradually make Bitcoin  transactions fast, cheap and simple. And even how the enormous hashing  power of Bitcoin can be used to secure other blockchains and distributed  ledgers, and how the Bitcoin core team is working hard to make it quantum computing safe very soon. Also interesting to hear how they  explained exactly how it will benefit many new groups of people and investors to own as much Bitcoin as they can afford.  

Nah, just  kidding. They explained: "BITCOIN IS THE ONLY ONE!!! EVERYTHING ELSE IS A  SHITCOIN!!! I don't know how Bitcoin works, but I used it a few years  back and it's great! Soon you'll be able to buy a coffee with it!!!  We'll soon hit $20 000, and then $1000 000!" 

Before I thought  Bitcoin was a "store of insanity". Now I'm convinced it is. BTC  dominance <1% in 2018. But Bitcoin will never die as there will  always be some insanity. It's just that other useful projects will dwarf  it. IOTA, EOS and NEO in that order right now, I'll say. And tens of thousands of small projects that together will be much bigger than Bitcoin. It's just a REALLY good idea to offer your customers a cryptoasset so that they will benefit if your sales go up. And with NEO and EOS you can do that simply.

The minimal requirement for any cryptoasset is that there should be no transaction fees. After that it's a matter who has the best interactions with small devices, ICOs, web applications, programming languages, exchanges etc.  

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