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RE: IOTA's "Vulnerability"

in #iota3 years ago

So many issues with IOTA

claiming to be open source when you have closed source centralized control via coordinator that decides which transactions are real, changing hash functions for "copy protection" to hurt others trying to review code for security or replicate - completely unprofessional

There is still no evidence that the mistake was added on purpose.


lol, your name says it all! Your FUD is just completely unprofessional. You better take care of the eos problems

Give me a call when you have a working product ;)

me? I have nothing to do with it. I haven't even bought EOS yet.

As per working product, there's 2: you're using one right now

it's graphene and dpos with similar bandwidth and inflation model that processes tx faster than anything else and no fees. iota is controlled by a closed source dev node(s?) which apparently is also used as part of their plan to attack anyone who uses open source code of theirs.

That's so messed up.

sure, so stay away from it.
given the gravity of what they have undertaken, and the weight of all the constant and continuous attacks, a 'DAO hack' at this stage would have catastrophic consequences, and even more so at a later point.

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