BIOMETRICS x BLOCKCHAIN or better said: "Identity x IOTA"

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Hey guys,

if you are wondering what I have been doing all this time when I was off?
I was lost in the matrix cooking a new project called: iampass

After several Use Cases that me and my team have been working on using several Distributed Ledger Technologies (Ethereum, NXT, Waves, IOTA, ...) we have decided to stick to one DLT and get to know it down to the deepest levels.
Criteria for this was first of all low or no tx fees to send and receive messages on DLT network and a good fundamental design approach to reach scalability. IOTA Tangle based on a DAG logic was our winner.

We also were looking at hundreds of Use Cases like Smart Watches saving heartrate data, e-cars charging at e-charging stations with smart wallets, the same for smart parking, Industry 4.0 applications in manufacturing to ensure correct production with the correct parts, shared factories with industry robot wallets and the list goes on.

Finally I at came done to one Use case that really grabbed me:
Identity on DLT (IOTA Tangle).

There are so many passwords, private keys, identity and bonus cards crashing my wallet and everytime I interact with a new website, app or the new gym they ask the same questions over and over again.
On the other hand side there a shocking news about identity theft from high resolution pictures of your fingerprints, stolen Crypto private keys, large centralized coroporations selling your data to thousands of other companies and even worth there are approx. 1.1 billion people, that equals about 15% of the world population who do not have an identity at all and are therefore excluded from access to healthcare, education, business development and basically everything else the Western Societies take for granted.
=> So there is a huge trade-off when it comes to user convenience and security.
=> Our Data is centralized stored somewhere and we dont have any clue or control over it (which is expensive to store, maintain and delete when GDPR hits this year)
=> 15% of our fellow human beings are completed excluded

The project called iampass looked at all the components that are involved in getting an identity in the first place and how it can be verified in a unique, easy to use, secure, hygienic fashion:

  • Instead of using fingerprints we are suing and testing palmvein recognition. The structure is bigger, complexer and more secure, you don't need to touch anything (infrared), cant be stolen, imitated or taken from a picture
  • We are using a hardware that has already been developed as in live in use
  • during our previous IOTA PoCs (Proof of Concepts) and prototypes that we build we developed a lot of plug & play functions that utilize IOTA functions (MAM, Flash Channels, etc.) and Tangle storage
  • Using IOTA/ Tangle as a base layer gives us 0 cost tx for any data transaction and provides different privacy modes (Private, Restrictive, Public)
  • One challenge that IOTAs design has for us is permanent data storage beyond snapshots and secure and reliable hosting for enterprise Node services


There will a lot of additional information released to this project in April...

btw. did you know that about people in the world do NOT have an ID at all.
This excludes them from basically anything that the Western World takes fro granted:
(quote worldbank, source:
Without official identification, a person can struggle to access:
Financial services, such as opening a bank account or obtaining capital and credit
Social benefits, including food vouchers, pensions, or cash transfers
Healthcare, such as health insurance, vaccinations, and maternal care
Education, such as enrolling children in school or applying for scholarships
Political and legal rights, such as voting, filing petitions in courts, owning property, or receiving an inheritance
Gender equality, including prevention of early and child marriage
Migration, including seeking asylum and crossing borders legally and safely

Go to or twitter @i_am_pass to get more infos and stay up to date.
There will be a Telegram group soon also...

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such an amazing words,thanks a lot...../////

Great to see your post after a very long time good to see you back here and seems like you were doing some great stuff :D

Biometrics with IOTA is promising