Will IOTA and the Tangle soon be the answer to the Bitcoin's blockchain and all it's problems?

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There has been so much market instability lately you can easily see that the Bitcoin community is divided. Bitcoin has encountered many problems lately which have sent investors looking for other coins to invest in such as Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, etc.

One must ask if there was a perfect digital currency, what would it's characteristics be? There really can't be a need for all of these 1000+ coins and all the ICO's that seem to be nothing more than pump and dumps lately.

It is becoming clear that what people are looking for is the following and it looks like IOTA has achieved this simply for these reasons.

  1. Bitcoin and Ethereum have mining fees so it's not possible to do "free" transactions. With IOTA, you can! There are NO mining fees with IOTA.

  2. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the blockchain cannot handle many transactions at once. The Tangle that IOTA runs on only gets faster the more that it is used and therefor has UNLIMITED scalability!

  3. The blockchain could completely be destroyed by a quantum super computer in the future. Tangle and IOTA are quantum computer resistant.

  4. Bitcoin is only peer to peer. It will never serve the multiple purposes that IOTA can being: machine to machine, peer to peer, and, peer to machine, and machine to peer.

Where we find ourselves today is in a potential crypto bubble which could implode at any moment which would result for investors and coin enthusiasts looking for the answer which is IOTA.

The "Internet of Things" is already here and companies are coming on board all the time to embrace this new technology. Isn't it time you picked some up on Bitfinex before it goes viral when it hits Bittrex soon?

For all the latest news on IOTA, follow the newsfeed at www.IOTAMillionaire.com.

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At this moment, i can only and ONLY purchase IOTA from BitFinex?


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