IOTA + Peaq = The Next Generation Ethereum Killer?

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Interesting news for IOTA and the Tangle today as announce their new Peaq platform and Token Framework for the IOTA Tangle.

I've been waiting a while to see what have been working on for the Tangle. There's been a lot of mystery behind their project so this is an exciting development for the world of IOTA. Soon you'll see Tokenized platforms similar to Eth's ERC-20, but with the many advantages that the Tangle brings to the web... namely:

  • No Transaction Fees
  • Quantum Computer Protection
  • No Mining
  • Rapid Transactions
  • Massive Scalability

You can learn more about the new token framework and's project in the below video:

"The phrase ‘the next big thing’ has been thrown around a lot over recent years, so much so that it’s lost its edge. Investors understand the cryptoworld a lot better nowadays, and to be dubbed the real ‘next big thing’ would take something truly revolutionary. Something new and exciting, that could bypass the drawbacks of blockchain and push Distributed Ledger Technology to the peaq ( of its potential.

The ( team have been hard at work for many months to make all of this a reality.

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This is another good video that covers a lot of what IOTA are working on, especially the standardization of IOT.

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