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Ruff platform is designed with the combination of the Internet of Things and blockchain technology in view of improving commerce.

During the design of the traditional blockchain, higher preference was given to enhancing the consistency and distribution fault tolerance if the platform at the expense of usability. However, Ruff propose making a balance to this in order to meet the Internet of Things demand for real-time flexibility. The balance of enhanced usability is to be achieved through a combination of edge computing and blockchain applications.

Anther problem that we look forward to seeing the Ruff ecosystem solving is about providing trusted interoperability and paid interoperability between different IoT device systems, and using these devices’ computing power to build an open Ruff ecosystem

IoT since it's existence, have been existing as an island, so to speak. Every IoT products out there experience what I will call a lonely living. The best way I can explain this is through my little illustration below.
As humans, I've major thing we love to do is communicate. Now imagine waking up one day and finding yourself in a strange land and you have no idea how you got there and with a lot of questions running through your head but most significantly, you are unable to get answers to your questions because every single person you find there speaks a dialect that is unique to them alone and as thus, can't understand you nor the next person's language of communication. You will agree with me that living in a place like that for the next 24 hrs will be frustrating and annoying and it will take something extra for you to live with the loneliness for the next couple of months.

Now, relate this to the IoT system, every single IoT machine produced before the existence of Ruff have a communication language that is unique to them alone and are unable to understand or interpret a single instruction from another IoT machine next to them. Ruff look to correct this major communication problem existing in the IoT sector and they have said that

"only by constantly standardizing fragmented products will it be possible to unify communication among nodes or create a consensus network among nodes"

interactive connection between multiple devices brings about a very high abstraction. Presently, the most urgent challenge that needs solving in the Internet of Things technology is unifying standards in the application layer and It is also an important infrastructure consideration for the interconnectivity and interoperability of all things in the future.

What is Ruff?


Ruff is a firm that was founded in 2014 with a core drive of edge computing and the goal of replacing original embedded operating systems. Since it's establishment, Ruff’s community has experienced a growing level that encompass the work of tens of thousands of developers, and is the industry's most prevalent IoT operating system. (see the link to their whitepaper below to read more about it)

Why do we need Ruff OS?

We have numerous traditional applications, but limited IoT applications. This is because there is a large gap between software and embedded development. The barriers in underlying embedded development are so high and the time needed for testing is so long that many developers flinch at the idea of IoT application development.

Read more here ( )

You can also see in the link above a detailed post about the Ruff ecosystem, OS, what it means and how to use the platform.

The team has also proposed to release frequently more tutorials videos on how to use the platform in developing IoT Dapps.

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