ionosphere: Exchange is Growing!

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Welcome DOGE!

Exchange ramps up

ionomy Exchange has added many new assets this year. Get excited for more to come!


The most prominent new listing is HIVE, an important STEEM fork. ionomy also supports the HIVE stablecoin, Hive Backed Dollars (HBD).


ionomy has also added Ether (ETH). Adding Ethereum tokens is one of the team's top priorities.


Everyone's favorite meme coin comes to ionomy. With fast transaction times and high liquidity, Doge is not only fun, but also very useful for traders.

Celebrate with Airdrops!

In addition to ETH tokens, ionomy Exchange is actively developing partnerships with coin communities interested in getting listed. Stay tuned for exciting promotional airdrops to celebrate new listings!


Wow I guess the list on the left hand side is longer now. lol
Crazy how you can use something every day and not notice subtle changes. I'll have to check out the other markets some even though Steem Hive SBD and sometimes HBD keep me pretty busy.

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