Government and Blockchain Innovation Development Exploration Forum

in ionchain •  2 months ago 

On November 28, jointly sponsored by Shanghai Jiading District People's Government, Shanghai Jiading District Nanxiang Town People's Government, Shanghai Blue Sky Economic City and Shanghai Chuangfei Information Technology Group Co., Ltd. The "New Era, New Development, Government and Blockchain Innovation Development Exploration Forum" was grandly opened in Shanghai Blue Sky Venture Plaza, attracting a wide range of people from the industry and abroad. Based on the theme of "New Era and New Development", this event mainly discusses blockchain technology innovation, application, industry trends and hot issues,

The Director of Operations of IONChain -Mr. Zhang was also invited to the forum. He believes that the government's support for blockchain technology can empower blockchain ecological construction and promote industry innovation and development.

He also mentioned that IONChain aims to become the underlying particle in the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. Through IONChain Protocol, IONChain will serve as the link between IoT devices, supporting decentralized peer-to-peer application interaction between devices.

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