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Get ready!

ION 5 is coming!

The ION Core Development Team is poised to release the next version of ION. This update radically advances the security and utility of ION, while adding new dimensions to its tokenomics.

Core improvements

ION gains increased stability and performance with this new release. Wallets, now based on DASH, will run more efficiently and reliably.

Hybrid security: POS/POW

The new ION wallets incorporate a dual consensus algorithm that intensifies coin's cryptographic security. With ION 5, both mining and staking, ION is even more robust.

Mine ELEC tokens

Electrons (ELEC) are the newest token on the ION blockchain, and they are generated only as a mining reward. Start yer engines!


ION developers have advanced the Atomic Token Protocol, making ION tokens more useful and accessible.

Electron wallet

The new user-friendly Electron wallet has an updated look and feel. It's easy to navigate. Electron features a special tool that makes it easy to set up ION masternodes. Electron also makes it easy to create tokens.


With this release, ION masternodes are more like Dash masternodes. All masternode operators will need to do a few things after the fork to register their nodes on the network and start getting rewards.

What's ahead

When the ION 5 update is released, the team will announce the approximate fork date (and the exact block height). All users should follow the user guides that will be published to update their wallets so they can register masternodes, start mining, and continue staking. Users with ION or ION Sharenodes on ionomy don't have to do a thing!

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