ION 5 is live!

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A monumental release
New wallets: ION 5.0

Dash Rebase

The core code has been rebased to Dash. The new ION code will run more efficiently and reliably on Dash’s clean, solid, and powerful codebase.

Inflation Sucks

ION 5.0 ushers in a new deflationary era for ION, starting with sharply curbing inflation and proceeding with Proof of Transaction (POTX) verification protocol.

Hybrid Security

After the fork, anyone can begin mining Electrons (ELEC), the mining reward token on the ION blockchain. Hybrid PoW/PoS security makes ION and every ION token even more secure.

New Masternodes

Masternode operators will need to register their masternodes on the blockchain through special transactions. The new protocol differs considerably from the ION masternode protocol of the past. No worries! We’ll guide you through. Stay tuned for masternode setup guides and a brand new Electron wallet for an easy masternode interface.


Electron Wallet

Around the time of the fork date, the new Electron Wallet will be released. This elegant simple interface will make it easy to manage your ION, send and receive ION tokens, and mine block rewards.

Easy Masternode setup

The masternode tab features a tool that makes masternode registration incredibly easy.

Make your own tokens

Future versions of the Electron Wallet will also make it easy to create and configure ION tokens directly from the wallet!

Get ION 5!

Resync required

You must fully resync to use the new wallet. Follow the guide for the best experience. These steps should save you some trouble.

How to Upgrade

Fork date: Tuesday, July 21

The fork is set for block height 1,760,000. You can upgrade your wallet before the fork, but you won't be able to mine or register masternodes until after this block.

ION 5.0: Get ready!

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