Introducing "INVITE" Token: Mine STEEM Accounts Through Delegation!

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The Problem

Creating accounts on STEEM is not free. Not everyone wants to pay $2-$5 for a social media account. After HF20, using your RCs, you can claim accounts but for that, you also need to have enough SP. Newer accounts don't have that leverage in general.

The Solution - "INVITE" Token

Since we have the RCs and you have some SP to spare, we are introducing INVITE Token to solve the above problem.

INVITE is a Steem-Engine token which can be used to buy accounts from STEEM Ninja Invite Tool.




There is only way to get hold of INVITE tokens and that is by delegating to For the convenience of interested Steemians, we have made a delegation tool inside Please feel free to delegate the amount you feel is appropriate for you! Minimum delegation hold period is 7 days to get at least one payout.


  • Payouts will happen every 7 days into your Steem-Engine wallet with the number of INVITE tokens you earn in the week.
  • We are starting by giving 300 accounts per 7 day period. If you delegate to you get a portion of the 300 accounts that week depending on how much you delegated in proportion to other delegations. If the program does well we will make more accounts available in the future.

You can always checkout the next payout date on the timer present at


Redeem "INVITE" for real STEEM Accounts

  • There are simple steps to redeem your INVITE tokens for voucher codes. Which can be used by outsiders to get started.


  • Click on "Create Instant Account With INVITE" and then enter your username.


  • Pay with KeyChain


Once the transaction is complete, you will then get a voucher code which can be used by anyone to create a STEEM Account. Account will come with zero delegation. The Steemian who invited the new user is encouraged to delegate 15 SP to the new account and make sure that the account is not abused.

You can check your delegation on this page with some interesting estimates & data:


BTW, did you notice the cool stuff? Yes, this one's coming:



Q. Can I buy INVITE Tokens?
A. If you want to buy INV tokens, you might think to buy a STEEM Account through
Well, they will be available for trading on Steem Engine after the first distribution is made.

Q. How much I can delegate?
A. It's a free market with limited supply. We are starting out with 300 accounts per week. The more you delegate, the more INVITE you can earn w.r.t other delegations. Game of proportions, you see. Fact Check: In order to create 300 accounts per week, it requires about 1 Million Steem Power.

Q. How many accounts I can buy with 1 INVITE tokens?
A. 1 INV = 1 STEEM Account

Q. The new accounts created after redeeming INVITE tokens will have delegation?
A. NO. The Steemian who invited the new user is encouraged to delegate 15 SP to the new account and make sure that the account is not abused.

Q. How many accounts I can buy with 1 INVITE tokens?
A. 1 INV = 1 STEEM Account

Q. When does payout happen?
A. Every 7 days. To get the payout, your delegation should be at lease 7 days old.

Q. Can I trade INVITE with other Steem-Engine Tokens?
A. Not right now. This will be possible as long as the delegators receive their INV tokens after the first round put their tokens for sale on the market on steem engine dex

Q. Can I delegate any other TOKEN power except SP?
A. Not now but in future we will accept PAL Power delegations too.

For support, please join our discord channel:

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If you appreciate the work we do for the blockchain and its members, please vote for our witness @oracle-d by going to or directly through SteemConnect

Your vote is highly valuable for us and thank you for being a part of this Journey! Also, please do not hesitate to connect with us for any kind of collaborations that can help the STEEM Community grow.


It would be interesting to see how the implementation of the INVITE token would solve the Steem Blockchain's onboarding issue. What type of users do you expect to benefit from the INVITE token mining?

We expect that this will allow for an 'invite a friend' process to happen instantly on steem.
In a couple of weeks we will also open source the steem ninja widgets to allow for any account holder with a number of claimed accounts to tokenise them on Steem Engine, this will allow for whales to easily create liquid markets for their accounts via tokens. Both solutions will bring liquidity, ease of sale and instant onbaording to steem

I know it's a little, but more I stop being minnow XD

congratulations for the great job

the delegation proposal is indeed a good start but I am able to claim my accounts and have been doing so. The option to tokenise my claimed accounts is a lot more valuable to me so I am looking forward to that

This is only useful if you have less than ~3000SP and want new account creation tokens.

You only need about 3000SP worth of Resource Credits to create a single Steem Account Creation Token. If you're considering delegating more than this amount, its probably better to hold onto your own Steem Power and generate the account creation tokens yourself using

I've added this comment in the interests of transparency.

In regards to the invite token, I am assuming they can be traded in quantities only larger than 1? If this isn't the case, I could see a lot of "invite dust" distributed which isn't a fantastic experience for delegators, and I would encourage this information to be made available to the community.

Even though you might be able to claim your own accounts INVITE has some advantages:

  • it is tradeable
  • you don't have to bother about the technical details of account claiming
  • intuitive interface to create accounts

I was able to get 0.6+ INV for my 50 Sp and so i bumped it up 150 more to now 200 SP and I love this option, because during hf19 I was able to delegate something like 15SP for a month and pay 0.1 steem for an account so this is the closest for an account without the what 3K to 7K SP I need for the 1 account every 5 days with blockchain subsidized account creation? like i can do on BUT with my account i cant do that and after hf20 I cant delegate to create accounts UNTIL now! so this is still very very useful and im grateful for this, and hope that there is a way we can get more accounts created maybe with the support of some resource credits by @steem @steemit @misterdelegation by @ned

yeah this is an intuitive interface and maybe we can get a referal program like ?

If you first delegated 50SP and then 150SP you have a total delegation of 150SP. You can always check your delegation in the table at

This is interesting. I'm almost to that plateau. I've never really looked into RC's but I imagine it may be a bit complicated for me at first. One thing I like about this new option is it may be easier to teach the new members how to get their friends accounts with the KeyChain browser extension makes it so easy to create a new account token.

oh yeah!!!!! My thing is that i know a few instagram influencers with over 1 million followers each. I want to bring them on, teach them and then bring over their followers. I am reluctant to do so until after the fork. I think the rampant downvoting will turn them off and ruin my real world credibility with them. I have to wait and see what happens.

If you need any free account creation tokens, let me know. I've got a handful, and people who live in the same city as I have many as well.

I anticipate we've got over 600+ tokens sitting on our community's accounts here in Adelaide, South Australia.

They're not for sale, in my opinion, they're for real people with real content! :)

cool. I'll keep that in mind. Gonna wait a bit before I drag someone onto steem right now. It shouldnt be this way but I don't trust the state of things right now. Gotta see how the fork shakes out and watch the whales obliterate newbies for awhile.

I share this sentiment. I recently onboarded a close friend that I have the capacity to support with any questions (ie they can call at anytime sorta friend) but applying that to your target audience probably isn't a sustainable model.

People are busy and they want things to be as simple as possible.

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Exactly. Plus I don't want them tinkering around when whales are obliterating people. I always thought that if whales chopped up 1 of their valuable votes into 10 to 100 pieces per day and randomly voted on people who posted regularly, then we would be a really popular place to be. Everyone is earning! The rich need to supplement the poor in order to stay rich. It is true in every free market economic model that has ever existed.

You need more than 4000SP to create account. I have 5000SP and sometimes only 5% is left.

You can check current costs:

Claim account - 300 Bytes 9003.307813221 G RC

If you had 3000SP, why would you not just lease it out on minnowbooster for like 50 STEEM per month and then you have the STEEM to buy 16-17 accounts.

Hey @holoz0r & @ackza,

as you can see in the picture below, actually you need more than 7000RC to claim an account!



Amazing work Oracle-D! This taking on boarding to the next level!

Great, this is a great initiative for more people to join steem, yesterday I made a post talking about INVITE because I like the idea, but very brief.

Excellent introduction and explanation about how INVITE works.

Can I do a Spanish translation of this post?, by the way I already voted for oracle-d as witness.

you can do a spanish version

Great, thank you so much for letting me do the translation.

That's great, I thought so. Can you notify here when you post? so I help to share it with the community

This is a welcome development by the team, thanks for this wonderful introduction...💪💪💓

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this is epic! congrats team oracle-d!

A futuristic approach and a step ahead for Steem. Thanks to @wehmon for bring this up. Pretty interesting how steem- engine is makeing things so easier...welcome INV token👍

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vote @oracle-d witness

And you have My Axe! @oracle-d

Already done so, they should be top 20

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Delegation done. Now waiting for my first set of INV Tokens. Will be able to instant invite a friend for almost zero fees, which is crazy. ;)

I will always support this. Maybe delegate soon. I like the idea of converting this cryptocurrency to an invite on an account. I hope one day we are scanning invite tokens to each other on phones to build the Steemit economy.

Would you like to receive QR codes if you redeem your INVITE instead of a normal link?

Can we delegate Accounts to the cause? (I know there’s nothing to enable this, but maybe it’s a great way to have big account holders to share some of them with this great cause).

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This will go a long way in on boarding new people to steemit. I definitely won't miss out on this one.

What are you doing with the delegated voting power worth about 1000x more than the corresponding RC?

This is simply amazing. I will definitely delegate to Steem Ninja.
I have a very quick question: Do you have plans of listing INVITE token in other exchange platforms and tradeable with other cryptocurrencies or fiat in the future?

Resteemed for added visibility

This is some kind of good things is going on with STEEM now. If everyone is able to open fast and free account through this invite token it can be really good going on.

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This is huge, the @oracle-d team is astounding and thinking outside of the box in order to utilize RC by earning through delegation with invite token, basically I think this will become even one of the numerous ways through which we steem can expand it's utility. However I'd like to make a suggestion, how about doing a run down of the delegation and the difference, say a delegation of 500 sp and 200 sp what will be the difference?

This is clear in the table on the site

Oh Thanks a lot I'll see it immediately,

That's pretty slick to be able to essentially mine account tickets via delegation. Good for Steem!

Did you have plans for curation of the account with the delegated SP?

yes, we will need to cover costs of account recovery process and support questions

That's understandable but my query was more about what content you would be curating not the incentives.

And I think that makes for a good segue. 😉

If you are interested in any projects to support on the regular that are beneficial to the Steem ecosystem, encourage you to check out @sfr-treasury.

That account is a new member of the @steemflagrewards family and documents token distribution for users willing to engage in the oft too neglected activity of negative curation.

Anywho, guess it was as good a time as any for a plug.

this is a great question. most likely we will create a public curation guild. intially we will curate using oracle-d curators. but I would like to create a multi proof of brain guild where people can elect a team of curators to upvote with the power behind the account. I am not 100% sure what we will do yet. we could possibly use it to support down voting teams, i am open to suggestions and appreciate this one above

I think this can ease the things for creating a new account and we have now INV token which has a genuine use-case and I think this is one of the wonderful development in recent time.

Delegated! (via one of my other accounts) :)

Delegated 1k of SP for curiosity's sake. I really hope that this initiative takes off because it seems like it will be worthwhile to monetize and tokenize the account creation process.

Let us see what the future brings. Nice work Oracle-d

Hi @oracle-d
You're doing great work for Steem and I have voted your witness already.
This concept of mining new account through delegation is nice move and going to help to bring many users on-board. Thanks for a nice initiative.

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Hooray! I like this idea. I've long lamented that I couldn't delegate resource credits to get accounts over time somehow, since I didn't have enough to get an account code in one lump sum yet. This solves that problem!

Im really happy to see this. I have been struggling to wrap my head around some of the road blocks for steem mass adoption and you are addressing probably the biggest one. I can't wait to onboard more steemians!

FRUSTRATING ONBOARDING I still cannot for the life of me understand why in the world @steemit would make it near to impossible for non-tech new users to get onboard. it blows my mind, when we are trying to promote the platform we have this Gymnastics for new prospective usuers to go through just to get an account.

this is the reason we will stall on growth because @steemit somehow thinks its ok to make people go through hell to support @steemit. Seriously onboarding is the MAIN reason this platform is battling to get traction.

this is so annoying!!! I have invite a million friends and family and clients, and they all eventually just give up because it is extremely difficult for the ordinary guy in the street who is not tech savvy to have a clue when it comes to this most complicated registration process.

Did you send your friends the links you get from the website?

No. Just tried to get them to register never went through steem ninja. Just having a moan at @steemit for not making it easier.

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It looks like u are moaning at Steem ninja. I would like to make it clear, that u cannot get more simple than sending your friends a link. They put their username, save their keys, and they have an instant account. The whole process takes about 2 minutes, if ur friend knows the username that hey want. I honestly do not see what the problem is here. Maybe you are struggling with some other part of the process that I have missed. But from my point of view, this is about as easy as it could possibly get. How are you struggling? Please let me know exactly where this is difficult, so that we can learn and improve

Apologies was not meant or directed at steem ninja as I said. After going through steem ninja process will use it to generate invites and send out to my friends and family. So no problem there. Just thought steemit itself should improve onboarding. Really not fighting with anyone such as steem ninja and others who have created easier onboarding already. 😊

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That’s good to know. I think the idea here was that we have proved that he community can help out where Steemit inc are tight on resources, the community, in this case, can help fill the gaps where Steemit inc are putting their resources to use on more pressing matters

Agreed. And fully grateful for the work that community members such as yourself who have the skills to assist and do assist. I love the platform and have full faith in it and certainly believe it to be highly under valued and will eventually reach it's full potential.

This is really a nice idea. Account creation has been a bit difficult.

Hey @hungryhustle! How many INVITE have you got? 😉

Haha. I have none. Which is why I couldn't show the next step! :P

I guess this is useful for people who want to onboard others and don't have 3000-4000 SP. I imagine as soon as RC can be pooled or account tickets can be sold/traded, this won't have much utility. Most people can already get free accounts if they are genuinely interested.

This is also for people who just don't know how to use their RC to claim accounts and just want a pretty interface and link which they can send to new users.

It is definitely ahead of the curve stuff.

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Resteemed so more interested people can see

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I am pleased to see this and the Dtube chain updates. Always cool when new features and side chains come out that work with steem. This invite system seems like it could help steemians and I hope it can scale up.

Not everyone wants to pay $2-$5 for a social media account.

Fee to enter, to participate = scam, pyramide, Ponzi...

I have no idea who came to this fantastic idea to sell the accounts, but it's marketing disaster

If you make the accounts free - great!

I agree that accounts should be free. Unfortunately that is not our decision. And as long as accounts are not free and only large stake holders can claim accounts I think that this service makes it easier for users with only a few SP to invite their friends.

Good initiative Thanks for the info. But it will be a little harder for beginners.

Thanks for information about invite token in steem engine.

That can be wonderful, thank you for sharing

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start ~~ hahahahahahahah ! ! ! !!
steem is DOWN ! f this.. but yea lets try get ( more investors AHHAAHHAAHAHAHAHA )
This is sooo fuuunnnyyy ! ! F me

seems interesting.

@oracle-d, Definitely i was expecting that you will going to come up with some ideas which will empower the Account Creation Process.

And now watching this Tokenised System i am nothing surprised because you've always delivered with the Solutions when this Ecosystem was in need.

Keep up the awesome work team and stay blessed.

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Just delegated.😁not so much for profit, but it is is nice to be able to invite people over and set up their account. Still need to convince so many to join us!

This post has been resteemed!
Good luck!

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my friend is going to get one thanks

Done delegation. This is really a great way to onboarding the new members instantly. @oracle-d loved the concept 👌👌

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Such a great initiative to onboard new users on Steemit I'm really impressed with this I also want some steem accounts for my friends so will delegate some SP so I can clime mine free accounts

I'd like to see a governance structure that isn't centralized for trading tokens but i understand not everyone believes in the core steem mission of true decentralized applications.

That's what SMTs are for but when will it come? We don't even have the date for HF21

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Maybe I am wrong and having a full Dapp is not required for a Business like Oracle-D is operating. I wish them success.

Hi @oracle-d
You publish great content for you readers and I hope it will be helping us.keep up the good work.

Amazing work Oracle-D! Congrats team oracle-d! ;)

This is a wonderful idea, I would delegate to help out, but I need my sp currently.

But This is a really great idea, and always great to see new steemians on the site

I am so excited when @oracle-d will come some new peoject so its a another initiative task with us.. I have some sp but not think i will create account and join with you... But i am try to join with you..

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