WANTED! Entrepreneurs and Investors. Do you want to earn daily?

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Delegate Steem Power (SP) to @Shares to receive 95% share daily payout. Choose your budget to delegate. NOTE: The links will redirect to SteemConnect for secure connection.

You can delegate any amount of Steem Power. @Shares take care the rest growing your Steem investment. Receive Daily Payout with your shares.

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REMINDERS! @Shares Simple Rules.

  • The minimum bid is 0.1 STEEM or SBD to promote your articles.
  • The maximum bid is set to 0.5, but it is highly recommended to use 0.1 so many will enjoy using @Shares service.
  • We don't upvote (and refund) if your account is blacklisted. @Shares use the services of @steemcleaner, @cheetah, @spaminator and @mack-bot to keep it sanitize.
  • Please use our service to help promote your articles.

We donated 5% daily earnings to @Broadcast community, join us at https://SteemChat.com discord channel.

Let's grow our wealth together. Investing your Steem Power automatically.
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Thank you very much for interested.

How much payout a week would 5k steem get me?

The 8000+ SP delegation of @Yehey earn between 1.5 to 1.8 STEEM daily payouts. So that roughly 10-15 STEEM a week. Of course earning depends on users activities.

You can start small delegation and gradually increases it when you’re satiated.

And you can undelegate anytime you like.

As a member of the @Council - Community Curator Service, this post has received a 100.00% upvote.

Members of the community can all chip in to Power UP. Become a member, delegate 10 or more Steem Power (SP) to @Council to receive upvote and resteem. Here's the link to delegate https://on.king.net/council10sp it will redirect to Steem Connect for a secure connection. We share the Steem Power of all members that delegate to Community Curator Service, sharing our SP for a stronger upvote.

Thank you.
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Hi @shares.

I sent 0.1 steem at 20.41 on 24.12.2019 for https://steemit.com/actifit/@cocukgelisimi/actifit-cocukgelisimi-20191221t062406165z

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