Long Term bullish recommendation on MonaCoin (MONA) remains. Current price = $0.997778.

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#MonaCoin (MONA) Price Chart

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#MonaCoin (MONA) #dMAmapping⇗⇗⇗⇗⇗⇗ Screen - 7 Days

#Steemtalent Promo-Steem Investors-Group MonaCoin

#MonaCoin (MONA) #dMAmapping⇗⇗⇗⇗⇗⇗ Screen - 100 Day look back (New Screen)

#Steemtalent Promo-Steem Investors-Group MonaCoin

#MonaCoin (MONA) - Current Price

Current price = $0.997778.

#MonaCoin (MONA) Technical Analysis

Remains Long Term Bullish.

We maintain a Long Term BULLISH recommendation on #MonaCoin (MONA) and will continue to monitor the technical analysis over the next few weeks/months.

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Lol it's been some time since I have seen thiscoin

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#Crypto is a safe investment.

Crytpo is long term investment and in long term the kind of return it will give that nothing else can do that.

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