As the Cryptocurrency Market continues to grow at an unprecedented pace, here is a list of High Volume Activity in the last 24 hours.

Cryptocurrency News: #Investors-Group

Top 100 #Cryptocurrency by High Volume Activity - 24 hours


High Volume Activity - 24 hours

As the #Cryptocurrency Market continues to grow at an unprecedented pace and rapidly approaches $250 billion, above is a list of the High Volume Activity from the last 24 hours showing where the money is flowing in/out of.

#Bitcoin punches through $8,000

As #Bitcoin punches through $8,000 per coin, currently at $8,323.67 and with a Market Capital of approx. $138.9 billion, it continues to dominate the Top 10 coins that now has a combined Market Capital Valuation in excess of $220 billion, or approx. 88% of the overall Market.

Top 10 #Cryptocurrencies by Market Capital


The future is #Cryptocurrency

As #Blockchain and the Digital Distributed Ledger Technology continues on the path that will see a migration from the archaic and antiquated systems of the 1970's/1980's, it will witness first hand the collapse of the current Fiat Currency Systems that are already fast ending up in the gutter.

Within the next decade the #Cryptocurrency Market will grow to an unthinkable +$20 trillion market and one that will see the complete Capital Market migrate to the #Blockchain.

The term "exciting times ahead" doesn't even come close to what we are about to witness over the next decade.

+$1,000,000 price target for #Bitcoin

As this migration continues, I am sticking firmly to my +$1,000,000 price target for #Bitcoin and at the same time the firm prediction for the end of Fiat Currencies as we know them.

Thanks again for reading.


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Volume of cryptocurrency market is maintaining amazing momentum, exciting times ahead in this domain.

Shared on twitter. Stephen

day by day bitcoin up and up,,nice way to future,

thanks for the information

A lot of trading back and forth to Tether I see. Looks like there are a lot of traders in the making. lol
Great post as per usual!

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