Don't be surprised if Bitcoin is trading over +$28,000 by the end of August! The data suggests that this is highly probable! Current Price = $8,134.45.

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#Bitcoin (BTC) Current Price = $8,134.45


#Bitcoin will be likely trading over +$28,000 by the end of August.!!

Don't be surprised if #Bitcoin is trading over +$28,000 by the end of August!

The data suggests that this is highly probable..!!

Current Price = $8,134.45.

Long Term BULLISH recommendation

We maintain a Long Term BULLISH recommendation on #Bitcoin (BTC) and will continue to monitor the technical analysis over the next few weeks/months.

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I really hope we have one more correction downwards so I can accumulate even more before this run up... It is too soon!😩

I really wish that to happen and see steem hit 5$

Surprised? A surprise would have been a crypto demise. This was all expected Boss! To the moon and beyond!

That would be massive blast but what about Alt coins? Especially Steem?

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Any chart analysis supporting this claim?
I would love to see it. Because I´m not expecting BTC to be so high already in August...

It's looking good I have to say. More people asking me to sign them up 💯🐒