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RE: Silver is knocking on the door of $16.00oz..!!

in #investors-group4 years ago (edited)

I went "all in" on silver a few years ago. It's been a long time coming, and we've probably - realistically - got at least a couple of more years to go. However, this is an interesting price movement to see silver going up about $1 in the last week! Perhaps it's an indication of things to come, but I expect a few more smack-down attempts - and some of them will probably be successful. Once we break $50, I plan on taking enough profits to cover the entire cost of my stack, and letting the lions share of the stack ride it on up a bit higher. I'm hoping to take more profits/convert to gold once we're past the $100 - $120 range. If it goes crazy higher, all the better for me - and whoever else had the foresight to stack silver.

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