Why a qualified investor to be profitable?

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Why was it necessary to develop skills for investors?

One time available to invest in complex instruments was open to all. But most especially novice investors did not want to delve into the process of high complexity, providing for the increased risk. Why turn out a special skill, a detailed study of the financial instruments, if the hands are a decent amount of money? The main thing is to profit paid projects. Everything else does not matter. And although the company emphasize on risky schemes and possible high interest losses, the risks investors some reason do not bother.

But when the case of loss of deposits, angry customers fully transferred the blame to the company, which was entrusted with the multiplication of capital. There have been many scandals and court appeals. In order to avoid future conflicts and multiple teach investors to study the existing tools, it was decided I qualification status decision. Since it was observed that the part of the customer, which delves into the essence of investing in securities, has required complex knowledge. They consciously invest in projects with high risk. And in the case of failure, never accuse the founders.

The different statuses are available?

The status of a qualified investor suggests that before you a reasonable investor, who can identify fraudulent offices, self-analyzing existing schemes to calculate the profit and risk. Thus individuals to anything rigid legal regulation.

Qualified Investors, in turn, are divided into two types: the speculators and managers. All these individuals were able to turn their investment into a successful profession. Only one of them for themselves by earning purchase and sale (speculators), and others, not only by its own means operate, but also multiply the deposits of depositors. The latest in the financial market are called managers. In this first category of risks solely by its own means, while the control is subjected to the same risks as their own and other people's capital.

The benefits and disadvantages of qualification.


Recognition of a person qualified investor gives the right to access to all types of securities and closed-end funds, closed-invest in pools of different countries, to conclude an agreement with the brokerage companies on more favorable terms, automatically receive a solid status of the investor. All these factors positively affect the investor's profits.

Lack of qualifications are directly connected with the high risks of the projects that are accessed by experienced investors. There are times when professional investors a long period of time working with the same project, and the output is a much smaller profit than ordinary investors receive less risky projects. But nevertheless pleasant is the fact that such periods are rare, and qualified investors receive interest respectable profit.

As a legal entity to become a qualified investor?

Legal entities also assigned to the reporting status. To do this, they need to be:

• Credit and financial firm;

• Dealer or broker founder of the organization;

• The insurance organization;

• International Bank;

• non-profit foundation that supports entrepreneurs, the creator of which will be attributed to the State;

• Organization, which controls the activities of various funds;

• Investtsionnym pool with active shareholders;

• A legal person actively operating in the financial market. (In each country, such persons are selected on an individual basis).

If the entity is not planning any one of the aforementioned companies to organize, it is necessary to obtain the qualification to fulfill the other conditions:

• Have total assets of 2 million rubles.;

• Over the past 12 months to make a quarterly basis from 5 financial transactions. The price of instruments should be 3 mln. Rubles;

• Regardless of the type of company share capital shall be 100 million rubles.;

• Working capital for the annual report shall take place in the amount of 1 billion. Rubles.

How to get the status of an individual without a million?

It will have to be active on the stock market within 12 months. During this period, you will need to successfully operate the "normal" transactions to the total amount of completed deals for the year exceeded 6 million. Rubles.

At the end of the year selected the corresponding application is made with a note about how to obtain status and is sent to the broker, which all this time working on the market. Attached to the application scans the pages of the passport, bank statements, certificates, reports, brokerage accounts, and so forth. If the investor for many years and has not lost to a large sum multiplied their initial capital, he desired status will be assigned uniquely.

And you have already fallen into the category of qualified investors or just thinking about this step? What are you doing this?

Author: @moneymaker.

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