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Digitization is the method of changing information into a digital one and the information is arranged in bits. This process has gone so deep into every aspect of human endeavour. This process of digitization is seen in every facet of man. The process is seen in the social sector, entertainment, monetary, hospitality and so on. Through this process, there is the invention of digital currencies known as cryptocurrency. This digital currency started in 2009 with Bitcoin as first on the list. As at, August 19 2018, there exist 1600 crypto coins on the coin market. Though this crypto coin has really gone viral but there are some part of the world where the turn out of transaction with crypto coin is relatively low. For a massive acceptance of the digital currency globally, digitalbits was created. The digitalBit is aimed at ensuring that the technology of blockchain is widely and massively accepted as an exchange mode and investment throughout the globe.


The major merit associated with investment in this platform is the platform permits companies to establish tokens that is associated there present customers programme of loyalty. By so doing, a platform will as well be created for companies which will allow them easy attach their own present scheme of reward the DigitalBits network that is decentralized. In addition, to make thing easy for all investors, a native token has been provided. This token is the XDB Token and it will be the dedicated token adopted for the transaction charges payment.

In summary, Digitalbits has come to make crypto every man's choice by creating adequate customer reward system which will encourage investors. Why not try investing in crypto coin today with DigitalBits and enjoy customer loyalty reward at its peak.

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