Turn steem to pure gold? Easy!

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Some of the #steemit #whales are already dancing down this path. When powering down that hard earned steem power to #BTC you are faced with a few choices. You can either move to another #crypto or exit the market completely into another form of wealth storage. Perhaps some fine art? Not all of us are rolling in it like that. Yet, there is a solution to any portfolio's need for safe diversification, and it can scale to any size. Even if only a few percent. I'm talking about metals of course! Precious #metals can seriously help protect your portfolio and now it is easier than ever to turn STEEM->BTC->GOLD or SILVER. In just a few short clicks you can have gold shipped for crypto! What an amazing time to be alive!

Hard to deny these results. This guide will help you select which metals suits you! 

Use these websites that accept #BTC and some even accept other #crypto.





And these websites will help you easily compare prices!



Happy investing!

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Hm. Cannot edit right now. Here are links again for easier clicking. Hopefully can edit main article again in the near future.

Use these websites that accept #BTC and some even accept other #crypto.

And these websites will help you easily compare prices!

I found the information very helpful. Thank you again cryptocameo.

This is actually pretty damn interesting indeed. Thanks for sharing it.


Certainly mate. Will also be sharing crypto-related investment prospects. #Dash is looking hot right now!

Good information to invest into gold with cryto!

I'm using Bitgold. It is a good way to keep some liquidity. We can have a pre-paid card that works really well or redeem the money in physical gold or silver. I'm accumulation and will redeem gold as a get more ounces. They accept Bitcoins and other crypto currencies, I believe.

Price of gold is set for a bull run soon. This is a good time to buy, in my opinion.