DASH Masternode Count Passes 4,000

11 months ago
58 in investments


History in the making as the DASH network grows ever more robust. Securing the ability to preform instant transactions with DASH is paramount and the incentive of the masternode rewards seems to be drawing investors in steadily.

Dash masternode hosting currently yields ~11.25% return annually on an investment of 1000 DASH. Surely beats any savings account, look out banks crypto strikes again!

Congrats to everyone in the #DashNation and with Evolution right around the corner things are just getting started.

If any of this information is new to you or seems like an exciting investment prospect feel free to check out these very helpful videos. These will answer any questions for newbies abiut getting started with DASH and utilizing the benefits of this exciting technology.


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  ·  11 months ago

iF you like POS coins I would leave DASH alone, switch to DECRED.

  ·  11 months ago

dash is not a POS coin. it is complex coin. it is PoW with PoS second tier. and it has great developement team. noone cares about decred. Or should we care?