How you may triple your coins?

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It's quite simple. Just send at least 10 STEEM or 10 SBD to the @coin-tripler account at the STEEM blockchain. These coins are considered as donation to our projects in the cryptosphere.

As a token of our esteem, we will gift you with coins (STEEM/SBD) from our generated profits until it has reached thrice the amount of your donation. Even though we use the most advanced technology, this will probably take several weeks.

The 1000X BOOSTER was developed in close collaboration with the smartest and most influential people under strict secrecy. It will raise your STEEM value by at least 1000 times based on your activities over a period of time.

How it works
Create a STEEM account at

Swap (exchange) your ASSET to STEEM. You may use

By donating at least 1 STEEM or 1 SBD to @coin-tripler The 1000X BOOSTER will be activated automatically. If you have received a BOOSTER KEY starting with 1000X- from a friend, add it to the memo of the token transfer. Your own key doesn't count and slows down the process — cheaters are doomed!

Optionally, you should donate (reinvest) the received gifts (payouts) once daily to take advantage of the compound interest effect to reach the goal much faster.

Share @coin-trpler and this website with as many people as possible and offer them your BOOSTER KEY, which you will receive with the gifts (payouts), to benefit them too.

By delegating STEEM POWER (SP) to @coin-triple you will be able to shorten the process even more.

Please note that this process is designed to have a longer duration and can be positively influenced by your own activities. The sum of your own donations to @coin-tripler and the donation volumes of redeemed codes, which you have given away, are the most relevant factors in this process.


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