Reopening Soon Again....

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Plesant morning to everyone, hope you are all having a productive day. I know it's been a while was researching and watching my investments. Regarding the captioned members like myself the community at large, although in despair with the temporary inaccessible to login to the platform. The site is still up, which I consider to be a positive thing.

This was not a scam or hack! For all those that didn't know it was determined that was an exploit in the system, rather this was created external are a internal error I not sure. However some unscrupulous people may have taken advantage of this, while most didn't get the chance! Whats important and comforting to me is the site is visible this is a good sign. Most scam site in the pass I know the page will not load are be accessible, it will be like cannot be found!

I have absolute confidence that they will be back up and it will be business as usual again. The mere fact that a message is there outlining the problem and the steps they are taking goes to show they are trying to fix this, I like that. The official time to reopen as stated is on August 27, 2017 3pm GMT that will be 11am EST couple hours from now, myself and supporters are looking foward to it.

I certainly hope that they fixed this and never allow this type of security breach to happen again. As this time around they will be bigger, better and be more legit.


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