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Over recent years digital currency awareness has been on a rapid rise since Satoshi Nakamoto pioneered it by developing Bitcoin. To enhance the digital currency and payment system a lot of cryptocurrencies has been developed which has also led to improving scalability. For investing in cryptocurrencies, mass adoption has become the order of every day. Mass adoption is still on the rise, causing that cryptocurrencies are spent in our day to day activities by all crypto enthusiast.

Blockchain is one revolutionary technology that has introduced the world into an era of decentralization. With this technological advancement, anyone and anywhere in the world can join a network and support and send transactions or data via this technology. This amazing technology introduced cryptocurrencies and with Bitcoin being the first successful cryptocurrency or digital currency. Without any doubt, blockchain technology over the years has proven to be useful and also helpful in so many ways in regards to the use of cryptocurrency. We cannot talk about blockchain technology without the inclusion of smart contracts. In a layman’s description, smart contracts are computerized transaction protocols that execute the terms of a contract. They are in charge of enforcing the terms of the negotiations made before the finalization of the contract.

The introduction of smart contracts into the blockchain technology was done by Ethereum which eliminated the need for third parties before carrying out transactions. Smart contracts present an easy way to track, and view transactions done with these protocols. They remove the issues associated with human errors, large fees, and too many paper works. Smart contracts ensure that the rules are enforced without any form of tampering. Ethereum capitalized on the idea of Satoshi and created a blockchain platform with a built-in Turing-complete programming language, allowing anyone to write smart contracts and decentralized applications where they can create their own arbitrary rules for ownership, transaction formats and state transition functions. Due to this initiative developed by Ethereum, a lot of good crypto projects have been introduced into the crypto ecosystem and the entire world as a whole. The impact of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology over the years since its inception has to be very positive and advancing quickly and greatly. And it will be best if one gets along with the services that come along with it, thus, being among the early birds to acquaint and to adopt.


Providing the point of entry for investment into cryptocurrencies includes the over the counter sale point and all crypto exchange platforms. One must note that not everyone in the crypto space can interact without having difficulty dealing on most of the exchange platforms. Every day, new people flood into the crypto space hence there is the need for improving and simplifying on how an enthusiast can invest in crypto projects without difficulty. Huge capital is required to set up a blockchain start-up and this can not only be funded by a single individual hence the use of crowdfunding to support these projects. To support blockchain start-up came in the initial coin offering, which brings a disrupting solution in overcoming the existing solutions. Greedy people, thieves and scammers, however through the introduction of this process has infiltrated this progress by faking projects to lure investors off their hard-earned money. Countries like China and others across the globe have taken a solid stance against crypto even though it has a lot of potentials that can be earned or tapped out of this great technology. This brings as to the need to restore the strength, solidarity and trust when it comes to the issue of investing into blockchain start-ups.


By the name Smart fund, shows how it is the highest and smartest way of investing in all cryptocurrencies and also allowing investors to earn some constant passive dividends on all their investment into the platform. To me, I will say that this is the best of the project to invest in as a crypto starter or a good experience crypto enthusiast or cryptonuer. Helping them to stay away from the very snare and volatility of the market including earning a good dividend all on crypto base on their investment into the smartfund project.

This project of smartfund brings a bridge between all potential crypto project and the investors, using all the existing on the Ethereum blockchain. By the help of smartfund, all crypto starters and enthusiast through this project can invest in a real decentralized application on the Ethereum blockchain network and also earn a good profit from it on Ethereum. When it comes to decentralization, it can be said to be one of the important feature needed on blockchain technology. This allows a reduction in the chains of transactions and also provide power back to all the individuals in the transaction. There is anonymous voting on the blockchain through the use of smartfund when crypto enthusiast and investors propose the project they want to invest in. for investment to block into the blockchain network, the initiator has to have the very support of more than 10% of the opposers of a particular contract.

All investment locked on a decentralized application which is supported on Ethereum blockchain, revenue generated or got are sent into smartfund where there is the distribution of rewards based on FD token an individual is holding.
The platform that smartfund provides holds a lot of potential crypto investors and by the use of its program and features, all upcoming project gets all the financial support needed to bring their ideas or dream into reality.
Only highly potential projects are listed or hosted on this platform to prevent investors from losing their money to projects that later on turns into a scam after the crowdfunding. And to every member who contributes to the community, there is a reward system which gives back to them. This reward system also includes those who introduce members to the community which helps by increasing the trust of the members on the platform. Limitation to decentralize application supported on Ethereum blockchain is not the issue with smartfund because, through the use of barcode protocols, one can allow a cross-chain of investment on any other decentralized application which is supported on other blockchain networks.



So exceptional, regarded and acknowledged, it can be said that $MARTFUND platform has a great amount to give than it is doing now. Not impeding on the characteristics of its administration and also encouraging the progress and update in the utilization of its administration with crypto shows its speed in the task to its users. With great recognition, its users are upheld by the most reachable, attainable and perfect helping elements that hold and keeps all of them working in this crypto space. Its secure structures do help since their trust is imperative giving users what they will need in the biological world for every hour of the day.

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